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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Gift Ideas for Mom

I figured since I shared my gift ideas for kids, I might as well do a little window shopping for myself the moms out there.*

Just a heads up.  I tend to like more practical gifts.  I know lots of people complain about practical gifts but I prefer to get something that makes my life easier.  Yes, Sometimes it's really nice to get something that's just for fun but if it's one or the other I lean practical.  I guess the important thing is know the receiver and plan accordingly.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Want to watch Doctor Who? Where to Begin?

One of my lovely readers asked me this question and, because the answer is obviously too long and complicated for a comment box, I am dedicating an entire blog post to it. Also I didn't have anything else to write about today. Also I thought the rest of my three readers could benefit from my immense vault of Doctor Who knowledge.

Here is the question.
P.P.S. I finally watched Firefly and (of course) loved it. Now I want to learn about Dr. Who, but I don't know where to start. Do you advise that I begin at the beginning? What IS the beginning? I read somewhere that Dr. Who pre-dates the Christian Era, and I can't read cuneiform. (Seriously, how long has this show been on?)
First of all.  Firefly=Awesome.  Fox=Evil network that will cancel all awesome shows right when everyone gets hooked.  Totally not bitter or anything.
As a classic Who fan, I absolutely can not tell you to just skip to the new stuff.  There is so much history there and to really appreciate the new stuff you need to know where it all started.  To ignore all that would just be, well it should be criminal.  Punishable by being strapped down and forced to watch each and every episode of the classic series without a break.  Except that wouldn't be a punishment.  Except maybe the no break part.  Anyway.  It's bad.  Terrible.

Oh, you asked when it started?  Well the first episode, An Unearthly Child, takes place in the Stone Age.
But, don't you worry, the air date doesn't go nearly that far back.  You only have to go back to November 23rd 1963.  (The day after Kennedy was shot.)  Did I mention that Doctor Who holds the Guinness Book of World Records record for "longest running science fiction tv series"?

Ok.  I guess I can understand that, though you are obviously eager to watch the entire series from the beginning, it might be a bit difficult to accomplish.  #lotsofepisodes

Here is my suggestion for a shortcut.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Making the Bed

I know you won't be surprised to hear that I don't make my bed.

It's a habit I started back in my middle school days when I had a bunk bed that was in the corner of my room.  Trying to make that thing is pure evil.  That same exact bed is now in my daughters room.  In the corner.  Still just as hard to make.  Have you ever tried to tuck in a sheet while sitting on it?  Evil.

I have heard all the arguments about why making the bed is some sort of "necessity" but I don't buy them.

The "it just looks nicer and that makes me happy/inspires me/motivates me to clean/etc" argument.  Do what works for you but for me it really doesn't make a difference.

See, we have this fancy device on our bedroom called a door.  Once shut, the room disappears like magic.

I get up in the morning, leave my room and shut the door.  I usually don't go back in there much during the day unless it's to put away laundry (or let's be honest, dump it on the bed to put away later only because I can't climb into bed at night until all those clothes are put away.)  I just don't hang out in my room very much during the day.

I also don't show it off to company.  Hey, wanna come hang out in my bedroom?  That's something I haven't said in many years.  Because that would be weird.

Some people prefer to climb into a made bed each night but I am honestly not one of them.  It's one of the things that drives me crazy at hotels.  Those tucked in sheets that don't quite pull up far enough.  And they might as well be glued in there for all the good pulling and tugging and yanking will do.  Annoying.

Why would I want to replicate that in my own home?

I know what you are probably all thinking.  You know that if you don't at least sort of make the bed then that flat sheet gets all twisted and tangled.  It gets untucked and pulls up off your feet.  It gets scrunched up down at the bottom of the bed where you can't reach it.

My solution?

Ditch the flat sheet.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mommy Blog Mafia

It seems I have been inducted into the Mommy Blog Mafia.

Did you say T-Shirts?
Mommy Blog Mafia T-Shirt
Obviously the bad clipart image should be replaced by a fisher cat but I didn't have any pictures of fisher cats.  Cari should really send me one so I can remedy that.

Oh, and I am supposed to answer some questions.

Stealing the explanation from Cari who copied it from Paula.

"According to the paragraph I've cut and pasted from Paula's post, " The Liebster Award originated from a German blogger who wanted to recognize her fellow bloggers with fewer than 200 followers.   Liebster  means "dearest" in German."

And, because I love me a lazy Google search, I found this blogger with more ambition than I have tracked down the award to its  apparent  source.  Like a Snopes for blog awards.

Now for the questions and answers:"
1. When you were little, who did you want to marry?
Oh goodness.  Who didn't I want to marry?  I always had some sort of crush as far back as I can remember.  Except for the times I decided I was going to be a nun.  A nun astronaut.  Hmmm.  Probably the first person I actually remember wanting to marry was Joseph.  How old was I?  8?  He was four years older than me.  I thought that was just the right age difference.  Ironically my husband is four years older than me so I must have been on to something.  Joseph was really more of an older brother figure.  I remember him teaching me how to roller-skate.  Most of the boys in the neighborhood liked hanging out at our house because we had a "TI" with all the best video games.  Like Burger Time.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Architecture & Giant Monsters

A little over 10 years ago I met my husband.

We started dating and a month later we were engaged.

Then he moved to Japan.

And I missed him.  And he missed me.  So finally I quit my job and went to visit him.

His first apartment closed for renovations and he moved to an apartment that was right between "Rainbow Bridge" and "Tokyo Tower."  

From his living room you could see Rainbow Bridge.

From the other side of the building you could see Tokyo Tower.

This was the view from the window next to the elevator.
I missed Cari's architecture Theme Thursday link up but I thought I would post this anyway.
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Monday, February 4, 2013

WIWS: Something About Soup?

Yesterday, on the internets, everyone kept talking about soup for some reason.  Something about it being in a special bowl?

I guess it was also the day of that big football game everyone likes to watch because they show funny commercials during it.  I don't think people have caught on to the fact that they can watch those commercials on the internet the next day and they don't have to suffer through all that football watching.

I guess you can tell I am not the biggest sports fan.  To each their own.  Though it's hard for me to fathom it, I know there are plenty of people who would be bored at a comic book or sci fi convention.  I know!  Boggles the noodle.

Football isn't my favorite sport but I can manage to watch a game if I need to.  I can even root for a team and (mostly) understand what's going on.

Growing up I always rooted for the 49ers.  Mainly because if my dad was going to hog the TV all day, watching nothing but sports, the least I could do was root for the other team.  He is a Cowboys fan.  And a Spurs fan which is why I am a Bulls fan.  That and the fact that Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player to ever live.  Ahem.  I do enjoy basketball.  Not enough to actually go out of my way to watch it but nothing gets the adrenaline pumping more than a good basketball game.

Did I mention that my dad is from Baltimore...

Then I grew up and married a man who has about the same appreciation for sports that I do.  (Thank you Jesus!)

Usually on Super Bowl Sunday, we try to go to evening Mass.  During the Super Bowl.  It's kind of nice to have the whole church to ourselves.  I always wonder about the other people in the church.  Are they like us?  Or did they forget what day it was?

It always makes me feel like that episode of the Simpsons.  You know the one.  Where the Simpsons go to church on the day of the big game.  Homer is grumbling about it.  There they are in church and there is only one other person there.  Then the reverend thanks them for choosing to come to church over the lure of "the big game."  The other guy in the church freaks out.  "I forgot about the game!"  And runs out of the church.  He he.  Good stuff...

This year, the Peanut had CCD class in the morning.  Since we had to be there to pick him up, it seemed pointless to go home and then go back later just to go to the "Super Bowl Mass."

So, we went in the morning.  And by morning I mean noon.

This is what we wore.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

WIWS: Casual Sunday

We went to Mass last night so today is a casual day.

Which obviously means I am going to wear my Doctor Who t-shirt.

Especially since today is Tom Baker's Birthday!  Happy Birthday to my Doctor.

One of the things I love about Matt Smith is that he reminds me a lot of Tom Baker.  I have this theory that each of the modern era Doctors mirrors one of the classic Doctor personalities.

And if you are not a Whovian you have no idea what I am talking about.  I was a Whovian before the term Whovian became popular so I am not really sure how I feel about the title...

What I wore:

Bow Ties Are Cool
Matt Smith Tee: Hot Topic after Christmas sale for $10 score!
Jeans: ebay


Skylanders Tee: Christmas gift
Black cords: Target
R2D2 Dogtag: Target
Star Wars Birthday Jedi Pin (not actually his birthday): Party City

Hello Kitty Tee: Target clearance
Jeans: thrifted

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Attack of the Tiny Snowmen

Imagine my shock this morning as I opened the door to discover this.
 Two tiny menacing snowmen had mysteriously materialized on my front porch overnight.

Yet somehow eerily familiar.

I had seen their kind before.
It was many years ago.  But I had not forgotten.  I will never forget.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Announcing the "I HEART DWEEJ!" Fan Club

Last night as I was checking Facebook, during the intermission at Batman Live, I noticed a post made by one of my favorite people.

It was Dwija at House Unseen. Life Unscripted. asking if her fans were real "FANS."

Are we FANS?



G raciousness!

I am only, like, HER #1 FAN OF ALL TIME!

Like, fer seriously!!!!

I'm even president of her fan club!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Who

A couple of days ago my son made an announcement.

For the past several weeks he had been planning on being Spiderman for Halloween.  He was Spiderman last year and his costume still fit.  We were being a bit lazy and were big fans of the idea of an easy stress free Halloween so it seemed perfect.

Then came the announcement.

My husband has been trying to give the Peanut a haircut.  His hair is getting a bit wild and out of control.  But he needed new clippers.  So finally he went to the store and got the clippers and told the Peanut that it was haircut time.

"But it's Doctor Who hair!  I want to have Doctor Who hair!!"

"I think you have had Doctor Who hair long enough."

"But... but..."  Scrambling for his life line.

"I want to be Doctor Who for Halloween!"

The magical words were spoken.

Friday, May 4, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday: Rocking Chairs, the Baby & Bruce Campbell

--- 1 ---
Yesterday I did housework.
I know!
Not sure what is wrong with me. I would claim to be nesting but I don't think that happens until the third trimester. Can't really say for sure because even pregnancy has never prompted me to clean like a crazy woman. So, maybe it's a virus? Like some kind of clean freak parasite taking over my body?
I actually unloaded 
 reloaded the dishwasher. Washed the Crockpot. Got dinner in and cooking with plenty of time to spare. All before 10am! Dinner finished cooking at exactly 5pm on the dot.
Which is exactly when my husband declared it was time to take the kids swimming in the still too cold pool. So, we kept dinner on warm and I watched my crazy shivering family splash around for an hour. They had a blast!
This morning I realized that somehow, during the course of the day yesterday, half the dining room table was mysteriously cleaned off. I have no memory of these events. This leads me to conclude that the parasite theory is indeed valid.
--- 2 ---
You will be happy to know that today I am fully recovered and back to my usual housecleaning avoidance at all costs ways.  
Though I really do need to do a load of laundry. We have a busy weekend ahead of us full of going places that require suitable attire and not superhero feety pajamas.  
Where can I find that parasite?
--- 3 ---
See this rocking chair?
It was mine when I was a wee one. Then my 
 generous parents thought they would give it to my children so they could enjoy it and someday pass it down to their own children.  
Unfortunately, I was a much better behaved child than my own children are. I chalk that up to the good parenting I received.  
My kids?  
Might as well have been raised in a barn.  
They have yet to grasp the concept of 
 in chairs. Rather, they seem to believe that all furniture was created to be their own personal jungle gym. Every day I hear the creak of my favorite little rocker, threatening to give out and crumble into sawdust. I turn to see my son standing in it while attempting to rock hard enough to launch into orbit. I begin to have convulsions.  
It also doesn't help that the chair has become the favorite item to use in a "friendly" game of tug of war. See, now both kids love the chair. Even though they have several other child sized chairs and adult sized couch, loveseat, recliner at their disposal, only the rocker will do.  
Finally a compromise is reached.  

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Zombie Ethics

My husband and I have been catching up on episodes of The Walking Dead.  We are frequent watchers of Zombie movies and other horror movies.  In fact, I swear the moment we fell in love was when we found out we both loved Evil Dead.

I never have nightmares after watching scary movies.  Well, with the one exception when I was 5.  But now for two nights in a row I have found myself having nightmares.

Not really about Zombies.  No, my nightmares have been about lost and/or injured children.  Because I'm a mom and if anything is going to scare the crud out of me, it's the thought of something hurting my children.

I have one "rule" when it comes to horror movies/shows/books.  Do whatever you want to everyone else but leave the pregnant women, babies and children alone.  In fact my husband has felt my wrath several times after convincing me to watch a movie (that he had previously viewed) in which my rule wasn't followed.  (I'm also not a fan of "revenge" movies.)

In fact, he convinced me to read the first Walking Dead comic book and I was pretty mad at him after I finished it.  I refused to read any more.

Despite myself, I have been sucked into the show.

Let's just say they keep toying with my emotions and keeping me on the edge of my seat.

Last night was the first night I didn't have the nightmares.  Probably because I was up half the night wrestling with an ethical dilemma.

Would it be right/ok to "kill" a Zombie?

Are Zombies people too?

Are Zombies already dead anyway so it doesn't matter if you shoot them?

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Sick Princess, Pinterest & the Tardis Blue Door

So, my daughter was sick last week, all stuffy nosed and fevery, which means she spent most of her time cuddled on my lap.  Which of course means that though I was confined to my chair, right next to my computer, I had only one hand free.  The other was tucked around the Princess cuddling and comforting.

What could I possibly do during all that time sitting next to the computer but only being able to click a button?  Play on Pinterest of course!!!

The problem is that Pinterest lends to my delusions of grandeur.  I can't tell you how often I think, "Oooohhh, I could do that!" or "My house could look like that."  When I can't and it won't.  But I can still pin it!!

Remember how I told you I wouldn't rest until my house looked like a box of crayons threw up on it??? :)

Well, I thought I would share my current/currently planned color scheme with you.  I promise this really isn't random at all!  It really does have something to do with Pinterest.  And Doctor Who.  Not random at all . . .

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Zombie Apocalypse is Upon Us & My Mom isn't Prepared

Wake up people!

The Zombie Apocalypse is not coming.  That's ridiculous.  You guys have been watching way too many B movies on late night television.

The Zombie Apocalypse is already here!!!

Don't believe me?

Check this out.

Now think about that for a minute.  When have you ever known the CDC to release preparation instructions before an outbreak?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Have I Mentioned I'm a Geek? Dallas Comic Con

Yesterday my family and I attended the Dallas Comic Con.

Ok, you can quit the eye rolling.

Yes, I really know how much of a geek I am.

No, I did not dress up.  Unless you count the Superman shirt and the "mommy costume."

For those of you who have never had the opportunity to attend a comic book convention (and I am sure you would have gone if at all feasibly possible) allow me to give you a glimpse into the excitement and wonder that is Comic Con!

Now, just in case you are thinking that only weirdos attend such events I can assure you there are plenty of normal people there.  Even some celebrities.

Like have you ever heard of Stan Lee?  Or Carrie Fisher?  Or Leonard Nimoy???  Yeah they were there.  Ok, Leonard was only there on Saturday and we were there on Sunday so he wasn't there the same day but still . . .

They weren't the only celebrities to attend.  The convention was full of famous celebrities wandering around mingling with the commoners.

Have you ever browsed through stacks of comic books only to realize the person browsing next to you is actually . . .

Friday, May 13, 2011

How I Met Your Father - A Tribute to Smallville

Kids, have I ever told you how I met your father?

It was the winter of 2002.  I was working as a "Customer Service Rep." in a call center.  A friend and former roommate of mine, who worked in the same building, but different department, stopped by my desk to chat.  Let's call her Leeny. ;)

Little did I know a co-worker of hers had passed by and noticed us talking.  He had taken special note of my name plate on my desk.

Later he would play a little prank on her.  "How do you know Rachael?" he asked.  She, surprised that he somehow knew me, started chattering away about going to college together, being close friends, living together with 5 other girls in a rental house after graduating . . . "How do you know Rachael?! she asked.

"I don't!  I never said I did.  I just asked how you knew her."  He laughed.  She rolled her eyes.

But that was enough.  Enough for Leeny to begin to tell him little things about her friend Rachael.  And one very important detail.  The detail that created the first spark.  The detail that gave him his in . . .

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

House Guests

Ever have house guests?

You know how despite the fact you are really happy to see them and are excited for their visit you tend to breath a sigh of relief that they are gone.

My brother and his wife were here for a weekend visit and left an hour and a half ago.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My First Companion - Rest In Peace Elisabeth Sladen

I can't say for sure how old I was the first time I saw it.  Fairly young I think.  Maybe 8?  I simply remember a fleeting glance and a quick dismissal of, "That's weird."

I'm pretty sure I was 11 when I had my real introduction.  Again the details are a bit fuzzy.  I can't nail down the exact moment.  I'm not even clear on the specific episode.  I do however remember my first Doctor.


Yes.  Who.


No.  Who.

Doctor Who.

Cue theme music.  Bum bum bum bum.  Bum bum bum bum.  Bum bum bum bum.  Bum bum bum bum.  Woo eeee ooooo.   Ooooo ooooo ooooooo.