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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Simple Thanksgiving

Usually we host Thanksgiving dinner at our house.  Since we bought this house we have hosted every year with the exception of the year Matthew died.

This year the plan was the same.  We would host as we normally did.  Then things started to get complicated.  We struggled to work out all the details and nothing felt right.

And honestly, I was exhausted.  Mentally exhausted.

As an introvert, there are times when I just feel a strong sense of mental fatigue.  All I want to do is cave myself in a dark hole somewhere and rest.  Burrow into my blankets and snuggle up with my thoughts.  And the calm.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

My Ideal Protein Weight Loss Story - Before and After

Today's Theme Thursday theme is lean.  It just so happens I recently got lean.  Get it?  He he.

The day after Christmas my husband and I started Ideal Protein.  

My husband had come home from work one day all excited about the program and wanted me to check it out with him.

I'll be honest.  I was pretty skeptical.  My husband has been known to come up with some crazy plans.  And I really didn't want to jump on some fad weight loss program that wasn't actually healthy.

But I knew we needed to do something.  I also knew I needed it to be something easy to follow.  I basically needed someone to take me by the hand and lead me through the process.

I had mixed feelings about programs that provided their own foods.  The convenience factor was appealing but I was worried about proper nutrition.  And, let's be honest.  Those prepackaged foods are never actually good.

We attended an informational meeting.  It was no pressure.  We got to try some of the food and I was surprised that I liked it.  They also had a much larger variety of foods than I was expecting.  But what impressed me most was the science behind the program.  See, even though I had never actually lost weight before, I had done my research.  I knew what would work.  But I didn't really know how to put it into practice.  Here was a program that actually addressed weight loss properly and conveniently.  Exactly what I needed!

Did I mention that our doctor also recommended it?

What's so great about Ideal Protein?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

{Day 23} Peanut Toys - 31 Days of De-Hoarding

Welcome to Day 23 of 31 Days of De-Hoarding!

Confession time.  I totally cheated when I planned for today.

The Peanut and Princess used to share a room and all their toys were in the same room.  Then when the Peanut moved to his own room we moved the toys he actually plays with into his room.

(All on the floor instead of his shelf where they belong but I will leave that for him to rectify.)

And all the toys that need to be de-hoarded are still in the Princess's room.

So, I basically gave myself two days to do one big task.

And you are remembering that big pile I had left to do.  Aren't you?

Told you I would come back to it.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Old Fashioned - TT

Theme Thursday is back!  And not a moment too soon.

True story.

Here I was hanging out on my computer willing a blog post to just write itself and I could not come up with a single thing to write.  Actually I have been writing something all week but it's just turning into a big old mess (big surprise) so I decided to step away from that one for a bit.

Then I thought I would check Facebook for some inspiration.  Which of course really means get sucked into the social media vortex and never emerge.

Instead, literally (for real) the first thing I saw was a post from Cari announcing the return of Theme Thursday thanks to a hijacking from Madeline at A Dash of Snark.  For which I am eternally grateful!

The theme this week is Old Fashioned.  The theme could not be more perfect.

Yesterday, I had the random impulse to sew something.

Now, in my usual lazy manner, I didn't want anything too difficult.  Just a quick little sewing project.  No real planning, no purchasing any supplies or materials, and most definitely no pattern.

Then I saw a tattered old pillowcase I had thrown into my fabric stash.  I really like the fabric on the pillowcase but it had come apart at the seams.  Literally.  (For real again.)

So, I cleaned off my sewing table.
And by cleaned off, I obviously mean moved the pile of stuff off the sewing table and onto the dining table.
Set up my sewing machine and decided the machine needed a better cover than the plastic one it came with.  What would be cuter than a cover made from an "Old Fashioned" pillowcase??
That plastic cover totally clashes with the "old fashioned" sewing table hand me down and the "old fashioned" crystal lamp from my husband's grandmother.
I cut the pillowcase in half to fit the machine.  All it really needs is a hem.  But that's not a lot of fun.
Much better.

I looked at what was left of the pillowcase.  Just enough for a little skirt for the princess.

Lazy style.

Here is my detailed tutorial.  I am using super technical sewing terms here and didn't bother taking any pictures so try to follow along.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Saint Nicholas Day: The Gift of Giving

I have to really hand it to myself this year.  I finally have this whole Advent thing down.

Most years I am still trying to clean up the mess after Thanksgiving.  I have all these grand ideas of all the Advent traditions we should take part in.  It just never works out the way it appears in my head.

Last year I finally got somewhat prepared.  I finally printed out all those Jesse tree ornaments and cut them out AND laminated them.

I went out to the bookstores after Christmas and scored a couple of Advent books on clearance.
The Advent Storybook has a story to read each day leading up to Christmas.  Haven't started reading it yet but we will catch up on that.

The Story of Christmas book has little minibook ornaments that tell the Christmas story.

This year.  This is my year.

Check it out.

We have not just one, but TWO Advent wreaths.
An Advent calendar (thank you Target dollar spot.)
The Nativity scene is set up awaiting the arrival of the baby Jesus.  (The Jesus has actually been missing for years but I always put in a little bundle of cloth on Christmas and no one has noticed yet.  I really should get a new Nativity set!)
And in the whole spirit of Advent's theme of waiting.

The Christmas Tree is being slowly set up.
This progress has taken three days already.  We could probably drag it out until Christmas if I try hard enough.  A branch a day or something.

Once we get it up we can start putting the little book ornaments on it each day...
For now we just hang them on the lower branches.

Yup.  As you can see, I have it all together.

Oh, you wanted a picture of the Jesse tree?  Um, well it's still in a closet somewhere.  I'll get to that.

Waiting remember?

And my crowning achievement?!

The best St. Nicholas feast day celebration yet!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Theme Thursday: Shaming

I know it might be a bit of a cop out, making my glorious return (you know you missed me) to blogging by participating in a link up.

But I just can't resist Cari's linkups!

Back in April or May or sometime around there, I stopped blogging because my computer hard drive failed.  Then my husband came to my rescue and gave me an iPad for my birthday.  Sadly I didn't get right back in the swing of things so my brother stepped in and replaced my computer hard drive.

That's right, no more excuses.  I have been away far too long.

Is that enough self shaming for you?

How about a little finger pointing?
Yup, went to all the trouble of getting creative like with the frame and everything but didn't bother to make her change out of her pajamas.  What?  You didn't realize those were pajamas?  Nevermind...

Oh, and speaking of shaming...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

TT: Growing

Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the sidewalk before it stops snowing. - Phyllis Diller
The quote has nothing to do with the post except the growing theme.  But it's true so I had to add it.

Yes, they grow up too fast.  But at night, when they drift off into dreamland, I get to steal back a few precious seconds of their babyhood.

Linking up with Cari at Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday - Grow.

Don't forget that the No Housework Party link up is still open.  Link up!!  Old posts, new posts, pictures of your messy house, pictures of your clean house, all are welcome!
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Thursday, March 28, 2013

TT: Matthew's Half Birthday Celebration

Palm Sunday would have been Matthew's half birthday.  

We were planning on going to the cemetery to visit him and celebrate but it didn't work out that day.  Partly my bad planning, springing the idea on my husband the night before.  Unfortunately it's hard to just go visit Matthew without advance planing because the cemetery is about 50 miles away.  We wanted to take his headstone out and needed to contact the cemetery to make sure we didn't need special permission or anything.  

I ended up feeling guilty about not going that day.  Like I let him down somehow.  As if he was looking down from heaven and judging me for not visiting his grave on his half birthday.  

Instead we went two days later.  The 6 month anniversary of his death.  I was worried that it would cast a bit of a damper on our celebration.  I really wanted it to be his half birthday party.

I shouldn't have worried.  It wasn't until the next day when I was left alone with my thoughts that it hit me.  I was prepared for 6 months.  I wasn't prepared for 6 months + 1 day.  Grief is sneaky like that.

The kids had been asking if they could take flowers to Matthew so we stopped at a Kroger on the way and let them pick out their flowers.

The Princess picked purple flowers.  No surprise.  Purple is her favorite color.

The Peanut picked "Crazy Daisies."

I have a confession to make.  I know they are unnatural and flowers are already beautiful just the way they are and I am probably making you all cringe but... I really love crazy daisies.  They are just so bright and happy.

I am now going to give you the story as told by the Peanut.  He saw me writing and he wanted to tell the story.  I loved his version so much I wanted to include it here.  He also chose the pictures.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Theme Thursday: Mud

Welcome to another issue of whatever I can do to give this blog a lifeline until I can get my brain back in working order enough to actually write something.

Otherwise known as the blog that is full of linkups that have nothing to do with the actual topic of my blog.  Especially linkups about things I have no actual business participating in because I lack any actual talent in the areas of fashion or photography.

Now let me show you some pictures I took.

Obviously, the perfect pictures would be of my children covered in mud.

But you aren't going to get that.  Because I don't want to have to clean them up.  


And it is a bit chilly out today.

I did think about using old photos of the big piles of mud we had in the house during one of our Pipe Gremlin incidents.  But you have already seen plenty of those.

It's not like we have a real shortage of mud around here.   I could probably just show you more pictures of my stained carpet.  Because in addition to all the food spills, we get mud tracked in by the dog.  He likes to dig.  And bury things.  And dig them back up.  And bring them back in the house.  Which is pretty much entirely carpet.

Instead I will show you a picture of his favorite digging hole.
Or maybe the other favorite digging hole.
Not very exciting?

Well maybe I will try to take this whole thing more seriously and actually listen to Cari's advice for once.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Can You Guess My Favorite Color?

Today's Theme Thursday theme is green.  So, when the kids asked for pickles for breakfast I thought it might make a perfect green picture.
Mom of the year alert!

It wasn't quite green enough to satisfy me so I figured I could find a few green things around the house to photograph.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Theme Thursday: Piles of Piles

I won't even begin to insult your intelligence by trying to pretend that this weeks Theme Thursday challenge provided any actual challenge subject wise.  Piles I have.  Piles and piles of piles.  The hardest part was which pile to choose from.

Other people organize by creating stacks, rows, collections, clusters.  They have buckets, baskets, bins, files.  I have piles.  I'm a piler.  I have piles on stacks, piles in rows, collections of piles, clusters of piles.  I have piles in, under and on my buckets, baskets and bins.

Yes, I even have piles on my files.
My organized coupon filing system.  Why the puzzle?  No idea.
My bookshelves even have piles.
It was trying to be a stack.  Really it was.  I don't do stacks well.  They always turn into piles.
But if there were one pile in my house that would outdo every other pile it would be the outgrown clothes pile.  See it started as a bag.  A system of bags.  In the beginning I would sort through the clothes before bagging them up.  Get rid of any worn out clothes.  Clothes they had never worn.  Anything I did not want to absolutely save for when/if we have more children.  Outgrown clothes were sorted into large ziplocks with the size and gender marked on each.  Then the bags found a home in a bin.  One bin for girl clothes and one bin for boy clothes.

Somewhere along the way, my bag/bin system became a pile.  Two piles that grew and grew until they morphed into one giant pile.  And when they grow out of clothes I just hurl them up to the top of the pile for later when I find the time to sort through the giant pile and get rid of half or more of it.

I'll get around to it one of these days...
One pile to rule them all.
 Now before you revoke my parenting card and start lamenting the terrible life my children must live, helplessly buried under all these piles... (makes for a fun game of Marco Polo)
 Check out the scones I made for breakfast today.
 All that time slaving away...

Ok, fine.  You got me.
They came out of a can.

They were still pretty scrumptious.  Sorry, we didn't save you any.

Linking up with Cari @ Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday.  Go check out some piles that don't make you fear for your life.
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Architecture & Giant Monsters

A little over 10 years ago I met my husband.

We started dating and a month later we were engaged.

Then he moved to Japan.

And I missed him.  And he missed me.  So finally I quit my job and went to visit him.

His first apartment closed for renovations and he moved to an apartment that was right between "Rainbow Bridge" and "Tokyo Tower."  

From his living room you could see Rainbow Bridge.

From the other side of the building you could see Tokyo Tower.

This was the view from the window next to the elevator.
I missed Cari's architecture Theme Thursday link up but I thought I would post this anyway.
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

WIWS/TT: Better Late Than Never

The linkup closes in 14 hours so I figured I would start writing my What I Wore Sunday post.  On Tuesday. Also I missed last Sunday.  Wrote half a post but didn't finish in time.  So technically I am a week and two days late...

I blame my husband for being on vacation last week.  I was way too busy not being busy with him to blog.

Right.  Clothing.
Last week I wore this.
Pants, gasp!  I know.

Normally I am a skirt wearer.  I just like skirts.  It's hard for me to find pants that fit properly.  I had to hem these which took me months.  Fine, about 5 minutes after I actually got around to sitting down at the sewing machine.  Skirts are easy and I am lazy.  That being said, after years of wearing skirts, I can tell you one thing for certain.  Skirts are NOT more modest than pants.  I should probably wear pants more often.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Well it don't stop
No, it's never gonna stop
Why do I have to wear
so many things on my head?

Amy Grant - Hats

I think Cari might have been thinking winter hats when she selected hats/scarves for today's Theme Thursday.  But this here's Texas and we don't do winter round these parts.  Just sun and more sun!

I set my fancy shmancy camera to the "backlit" setting.  Managed not to get red eye!  Maybe I am learning something?

Oh, and none of those poses were faked.  I gave them no instructions other than to put a hat on their head.  My kids just naturally ham it up for the camera.

Now go check out more hats at Clan Donaldson! 
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Friday, February 1, 2013

7QT: Not About Ducks

My brother has requested fewer linkup posts from me about what we are wearing and more posts about ducks...

This is my response.
My sister was in town for a few days this week.  She got in on Wednesday evening and on Thursday morning she got up early and left for an appointment.

When I woke up I realized it was a bit late and wondered why the kids were sleeping in so long since they hadn't woken me up.

It was quiet in the house and I was surprised to find the Peanut sitting at the bottom of the stairs casually flipping through a comic book.  I asked him what he was doing.

"Waiting for Aunt Treesa to come down."

I told him she had left for a meeting and he looked at me like I was deluded.

"No, she can't have left.  Her shoes are still here."

Sure enough, her sneakers were there by the door.

"Buddy, she wore a different pair."

He gave me a confused look and asked to go check her room.  He would not believe me until he had confirmed her absence for himself.

Later, the Princess woke up.

She picked out her clothes for the day.

A dress paired with a skirt.
Her argument was that they went together because the skirt was twirly and the dress has a pretty pink ribbon.
Can't argue with that logic.

So I made her tuck the dress into the skirt.

We went on about our day and around noon I told them to get shoes on because we were going to be leaving in a minute.
Is that an outfit or what?
My husband was coming home on lunch and we were going to do our taxes.

She was ready to go and said to me, "As soon as Aunt Tweesa comes down we going to leave?"

Again, I found myself explaining that Aunt Theresa wasn't upstairs.

Again I was faced with a quizzical expression.