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Sunday, March 17, 2013

WIWSt. Patrick's Day

Have I ever mentioned that my favorite color is green?

And if there happened to be some kind of holiday that would give me an excuse to wear green from head to toe, that would probably be my most favorite holiday ever.  Wouldn't it?

Most likely.

So, you can probably guess how much I love St. Patrick's Day.

Yes, I am Irish.  Of the McGinness vintage.  Yes, I know St. Patrick wasn't.  Originally.

Anyway.  When I was in first grade I went to school on St. Patrick's Day and got pinched for not wearing green.  I still dispute the charges because there was green in our uniform.  Not much but it was there.

No, of course I am not still bitter about that.  What kind of person would still be bitter about something that happened when she was 7?  Sheesh.  Totally over it...

Never again my friends.
What I wore today.
Dress: Dress Barn  "Dry Clean only"  I washed it (after waiting in my closet, to go to the dry cleaners, for a few years) and it's fine.  Except that the hem seems to have been glued rather than sewn so it came out.  Which made the skirt longer.  Which I liked so I left it out.  The edge is serged to keep it raveled.  Is raveled  a thing?  Kind of like the look of it.
Black Shrug: Avenue

I know what you are thinking.  Black shrug??  Shouldn't it be green?  Don't you have some kind of green cardigan or something?

Something like...
But shorter would be better.

Like the same length as the black one.

I could just shorten it before Mass right quick.  Dwija does that sort of thing all the time.

Or, I could sew the new hem in and then totally panic about the idea of cutting it.  Won't it just unravel????  I don't have a serger.

And because I cut the button off I can't just rip the seam back out and wear it as it is.

Plus it is HOT out today.

Maybe I should shorten the sleeves?

So, I wore the black one.

And I totally did not obsess over it at all.  Nope.


Monday, March 4, 2013

WIWS: The Dress

I didn't get a picture of the Peanut on Sunday because he had already gone to class and I went straight to bookclub after Mass.  He was wearing his usual polo and brown pants combo.

I wore my eShakti dress on Sunday.  I added a cami since that little snap won't stay closed.  Definitely have to remove the snap.

The blue and green combo was already so colorful and I figured you can never have too much color.  NEVER!  I thought I might just see how a little orange would look thrown into the mix.  Honestly, I was pretty sure it would be a total disaster.  It was worth a try though.  You can't really see the cami well in the picture but I was actually pretty happy with how it looked.

Of course, since I was wearing a short skirt, it was a very windy day.  Think Marilyn Monroe.  Right.  Good thing I wore shorts underneath.  Still wasn't a fun walk to and from the church.

Cami: Avenue


Dress: Hand me down
Shoes: worn out pair from Payless.
Check it out!  I figured out how to make one of these fancy collages and add my watermark.

Shoes: Avenue  I just might buy a backup pair for when I wear these out.  I love them so!
Bracelet: Avenue
Earrings: Helzberg gift
Necklace: Luna & Stella gift

Linking up at Fine Linen and Purple
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

WIWS/TT: Better Late Than Never

The linkup closes in 14 hours so I figured I would start writing my What I Wore Sunday post.  On Tuesday. Also I missed last Sunday.  Wrote half a post but didn't finish in time.  So technically I am a week and two days late...

I blame my husband for being on vacation last week.  I was way too busy not being busy with him to blog.

Right.  Clothing.
Last week I wore this.
Pants, gasp!  I know.

Normally I am a skirt wearer.  I just like skirts.  It's hard for me to find pants that fit properly.  I had to hem these which took me months.  Fine, about 5 minutes after I actually got around to sitting down at the sewing machine.  Skirts are easy and I am lazy.  That being said, after years of wearing skirts, I can tell you one thing for certain.  Skirts are NOT more modest than pants.  I should probably wear pants more often.

Monday, February 4, 2013

WIWS: Something About Soup?

Yesterday, on the internets, everyone kept talking about soup for some reason.  Something about it being in a special bowl?

I guess it was also the day of that big football game everyone likes to watch because they show funny commercials during it.  I don't think people have caught on to the fact that they can watch those commercials on the internet the next day and they don't have to suffer through all that football watching.

I guess you can tell I am not the biggest sports fan.  To each their own.  Though it's hard for me to fathom it, I know there are plenty of people who would be bored at a comic book or sci fi convention.  I know!  Boggles the noodle.

Football isn't my favorite sport but I can manage to watch a game if I need to.  I can even root for a team and (mostly) understand what's going on.

Growing up I always rooted for the 49ers.  Mainly because if my dad was going to hog the TV all day, watching nothing but sports, the least I could do was root for the other team.  He is a Cowboys fan.  And a Spurs fan which is why I am a Bulls fan.  That and the fact that Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player to ever live.  Ahem.  I do enjoy basketball.  Not enough to actually go out of my way to watch it but nothing gets the adrenaline pumping more than a good basketball game.

Did I mention that my dad is from Baltimore...

Then I grew up and married a man who has about the same appreciation for sports that I do.  (Thank you Jesus!)

Usually on Super Bowl Sunday, we try to go to evening Mass.  During the Super Bowl.  It's kind of nice to have the whole church to ourselves.  I always wonder about the other people in the church.  Are they like us?  Or did they forget what day it was?

It always makes me feel like that episode of the Simpsons.  You know the one.  Where the Simpsons go to church on the day of the big game.  Homer is grumbling about it.  There they are in church and there is only one other person there.  Then the reverend thanks them for choosing to come to church over the lure of "the big game."  The other guy in the church freaks out.  "I forgot about the game!"  And runs out of the church.  He he.  Good stuff...

This year, the Peanut had CCD class in the morning.  Since we had to be there to pick him up, it seemed pointless to go home and then go back later just to go to the "Super Bowl Mass."

So, we went in the morning.  And by morning I mean noon.

This is what we wore.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


This week my husband grudgingly kindly offered to be my photographer.
Then he made me laugh by taking that picture and handing me back the camera.
And this is as good as it gets.
Note the Princess's socks.  They "match" because they are both purple.  I just went with it.  Yes, she went to Mass like that.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

WIWS: Casual Sunday

We went to Mass last night so today is a casual day.

Which obviously means I am going to wear my Doctor Who t-shirt.

Especially since today is Tom Baker's Birthday!  Happy Birthday to my Doctor.

One of the things I love about Matt Smith is that he reminds me a lot of Tom Baker.  I have this theory that each of the modern era Doctors mirrors one of the classic Doctor personalities.

And if you are not a Whovian you have no idea what I am talking about.  I was a Whovian before the term Whovian became popular so I am not really sure how I feel about the title...

What I wore:

Bow Ties Are Cool
Matt Smith Tee: Hot Topic after Christmas sale for $10 score!
Jeans: ebay


Skylanders Tee: Christmas gift
Black cords: Target
R2D2 Dogtag: Target
Star Wars Birthday Jedi Pin (not actually his birthday): Party City

Hello Kitty Tee: Target clearance
Jeans: thrifted

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

WIWS: Book Club Hosting Day

Otherwise known as the, "Last minute finishing of housecleaning all while trying to get Peanut ready and to his first day back to CCD since Christmas break and get everyone else ready, oh and snap a few pics in the process."

He was late to class.

I forgot to bring his homework, which he was in the process of finishing with Dada, while I was taking a picture of what I wore.

What did I wear?
Pajama clad Photobomber
 And that picture is as good as it gets.  BTW, as you can see, we have decided to store the shop vac in the bathroom on top of the hole.  Easy access and it "hides the hole" or at least that is what we are telling ourselves.

Monday, January 7, 2013

WIWS: The "Cari Guilted Me Into It" Edition

Several weeks back, I took part in the What I Wore Sunday link up at Fine Linen and Purple.
After that debacle I was even more determined the next week to "get it right."

I bathed everyone the night before and selected outfits in advance.  Woke up early and got everyone dressed and fed.

Do you know what happens in this house when I try to make plans in advance?

I'll tell you what happens in this house when I try to make plans in advance.

A child who has been fully potty trained for, you know, like, ever, and infinity...
A child who never has potty accidents because she has been fully potty trained that long...
A child who was given a bath the evening before...
A child who has been dressed in clothing that was carefully selected the evening before that totally goes with the whole Advent liturgical purple theme.

That child.  That very child.

Will pee right in the middle of the floor, all over her carefully selected clothing.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WIWS: The Reason I Never Wear Makeup

Picture taken while standing in "the hole" right next to the wax drip down the wall.
Dress: ebay $10
Cami: Avenue
Leggings: Avenue
Belt: Target?