Friday, December 14, 2012

Announcing the "I HEART DWEEJ!" Fan Club

Last night as I was checking Facebook, during the intermission at Batman Live, I noticed a post made by one of my favorite people.

It was Dwija at House Unseen. Life Unscripted. asking if her fans were real "FANS."

Are we FANS?



G raciousness!

I am only, like, HER #1 FAN OF ALL TIME!

Like, fer seriously!!!!

I'm even president of her fan club!

You didn't even know she had a fan club did you?

Well she does.  With, like, t-shirts and everything.

I totally have the t-shirt to prove it.
Need a closeup of the greatness?
Now, I know you're, like, wondering how you can become a member of the I HEART DWEEJ! fanclub.  

Very simple actually.

Simply send me all your, like, personal/banking info, and stuff, and I will extract the, like, necessary fees.

Don't be alarmed at the high dues.  What you will get in return will, like, totally be well worth it.

First:  You will receive a set of instructions on how to make your very own I HEART DWEEJ! fanclub t-shirt.  I mean, nothing but the best quality for our Dweej.  Right?!  I have the silk worms spinning as I type.

Second:  Occasionally I will totally email you with, like, updates on Dwijas life.  You know, the kind of stuff only the "insiders" or stalkers #1 fans know.  These may be accompanied by pictures of her, like, most private and super secret kind of moments.

Third:  I will totally attempt to scrounge up some totally awesome photos of the, like, earlier life of Dwija.  Her college years.  'Cause I totally knew her back before she was super famous.  Ya, I loved her even before she hit the big time.  You know you're super jealous!  Whatever.  You can't all be as cool as me.  Anyway, these pics may be accompanied by, like, trivia facts from her college days or something.

Fourth:  You might even get to see a picture of my I HEART DWEEJ! tattoo.  I would totally post a picture here but I, like, try to keep the blog PG.  You should totally trust me though.  It's, like, GLORIOUS!  One day I will have her sign it and then I will totally get her signature tattooed.  She will, like, be part of me 4eva!

Don't delay.  You need to totally prove your loyalty to her by, like, sending all your money to me.  Her 4 realz fanz totally would.
How's that for a fan, Dwija?  Real enough for you?  If you hear any rustling noises outside your window, you should probably just ignore me them.  Probably just a raccoon or something.
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