Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Making the Bed

I know you won't be surprised to hear that I don't make my bed.

It's a habit I started back in my middle school days when I had a bunk bed that was in the corner of my room.  Trying to make that thing is pure evil.  That same exact bed is now in my daughters room.  In the corner.  Still just as hard to make.  Have you ever tried to tuck in a sheet while sitting on it?  Evil.

I have heard all the arguments about why making the bed is some sort of "necessity" but I don't buy them.

The "it just looks nicer and that makes me happy/inspires me/motivates me to clean/etc" argument.  Do what works for you but for me it really doesn't make a difference.

See, we have this fancy device on our bedroom called a door.  Once shut, the room disappears like magic.

I get up in the morning, leave my room and shut the door.  I usually don't go back in there much during the day unless it's to put away laundry (or let's be honest, dump it on the bed to put away later only because I can't climb into bed at night until all those clothes are put away.)  I just don't hang out in my room very much during the day.

I also don't show it off to company.  Hey, wanna come hang out in my bedroom?  That's something I haven't said in many years.  Because that would be weird.

Some people prefer to climb into a made bed each night but I am honestly not one of them.  It's one of the things that drives me crazy at hotels.  Those tucked in sheets that don't quite pull up far enough.  And they might as well be glued in there for all the good pulling and tugging and yanking will do.  Annoying.

Why would I want to replicate that in my own home?

I know what you are probably all thinking.  You know that if you don't at least sort of make the bed then that flat sheet gets all twisted and tangled.  It gets untucked and pulls up off your feet.  It gets scrunched up down at the bottom of the bed where you can't reach it.

My solution?

Ditch the flat sheet.


Think about it.

You avoid having to tuck it in every time you make the bed.

No wrinkles or twists or tugging.

One less sheet to wash!  Multiply that by the number of beds in our house and that's 4 less sheets to wash!!  Considering how much room those things take in the washer, that's a big deal.

Less sheets to store!  Take up half the space in the linen closet.

And less sheets to buy.  Save some money buying the fitted sheet by itself rather than a whole set of sheets.  Or buy a higher quality fitted sheet!

I never liked the flat sheet anyway.

My husband was a big fan so it took us awhile to phase it out.  For quite some time I made the bed with the flat sheet and then just let him pull it over to his side.  It always ended up scrunched up at the bottom or even worse fell off onto the floor (still tucked in.)  He claimed he wanted it for nights when the blanket was too heavy but he usually just used the blanket anyway.

I have kept a few flat sheets in case he ever feels the need to go get one to sleep with.  But I no longer put them on the bed.

I can't live without my comforter though.  It doesn't matter how hot it is.  I have to be all cuddled up in my comforter or I can not sleep.  Sometimes I get hot enough to kick a toe/foot/leg out but usually only long enough to cool down a bit and then suck it right back in.  Wouldn't want the piranhas under the bed to bite me while I am all exposed like.  Or that mosquito the kids let in when they didn't close the back door.  Or those ravenous dust bunnies.  That's not even considering the possibility that the Zombie Apocalypse started that night.  Just try to bite through my thick cozy comforter Mr. Zombie!!  Ha.  You can't!

The comforter is another problem.

Someone posted a picture on Facebook the other day that made me laugh.  It was a picture of a man and woman sleeping in a bed with two comforters.  She had a plain white one and he had a Batman one.

The reason it made me laugh because it looked EXACTLY like my bed.

Think I'm kidding?

Except, we have the whole Justice League.  Wouldn't want Batman to get lonely.

Quite honestly, the only reason mine is white (it actually has very faded pink flowers all over it) is that I refuse to buy myself a new one until I find one I love.  And I haven't found a TARDIS comforter yet.

Also for some unknown reason, they don't make king size character comforters.  What's up with that?

This arrangement actually works quite well.  No more stealing each others covers.  And they are so much easier to wash.  I can technically fit a king size comforter in my washing machine but it takes forever to dry.  ("Dry clean only" is totally just a suggestion.)

Maybe someday when I get the master bedroom makeover I have been dreaming about and my bedroom looks something like this.

I will make my bed everyday.


But until then, I am not overly concerned with the fact that our flat sheetless, mismatched comforter covered, unmade bed...

Clashes too much with the fishy dresser.

Yes, really.  Fishy.
Well made and cost $20 at a yard sale.
This wasn't really the teal I had in mind when I decided I wanted a red and teal bedroom.

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