Tuesday, March 29, 2011

He likes me! He really likes me?!

On Friday I took a big step forward out of the shadows into the . . . you know . . . less dark shadows.  Let's not get carried away here.
Lil bro

I told my brother about my blog.


My decision to tell him was based on two things.

One: We have a pretty close relationship anyway.  I figured there really isn't much of anything I would be posting that he doesn't already know about.  Also sometimes there is a bit of a communication breakdown in our family. Something along the lines of . . . "You didn't know that?  I really thought mom/dad/sister would have told you."  You would think we would have learned our lesson by now.  If something happens call each individual family member directly.  Otherwise someone will be left out of the loop.  Now that he can read my blog he will be kept informed of all the ever so exciting events and happenings round here.

Two: This one was the big deciding factor.  My brother is the web design, graphic design, expert in the family.  He is the one who taught me the little bit of HTML I know.  He is the one who encouraged me to create my first webpage way back in the day when I was still learning how to use this newfangled internet thing.  Every time I make even one tiny little design change all I want to do is call him up and say, "Does it look better this way?  Or that way?"  Instead I sit with two browser tabs open clicking back and forth to judge for myself.  "This way?"  "That way?"  "This way."  "No, that way."  "Definitely, this way."  "Maybe, neither way?"  Heads up lil bro.  Be expecting a few phone calls now of this nature!

To be honest with you I was petrified when I thought of telling him.  See my brother and I are close.  He is a nice guy and I love him.  But he isn't one to beat around the bush.  He is straightforward.  He wouldn't be afraid to say, "Um, you really need to fix that blog of yours."  "The design is all wrong."  "Way too girly."  This is where I protest, "But I am a girl!"  I expected a list.  "Here are all the things you need to change."

Instead he said this.

Now he might be a teensy bit biased considering the subject matter.  He is my brother after all.  He seems to have a particular fondness for my kids.  Not that I can blame him.  He probably also realizes how fragile my ego is and thought it needed a bit of a boost.  Still, it was pretty nice of him.  It totally made my day.  I was totally giddy. :)

Love you lil bro!

Now that I'm all emboldened and stuff maybe I will step a little further out.  Maybe . . .

Oh, after he posted, my page views totally exploded and I started getting a ton of views linked from Facebook.  So, hi all lil bros friends.  Hi any family who has followed him here.  *waving*

Now I am going to hide under my blanket until I stop freaking out.

Yes!  I totally just wrote a blog post about a blog post about my blog!