Tuesday, September 30, 2014

31 Days of De-Hoarding

Welcome to 31 Days of De-Hoarding!

I am joining up with The Nester's 31 Day Writing Challenge.

For 31 days I will be sharing each and every single day as I work through de-hoarding my house.

Yes, I admit it.  I am a hoarder.  Maybe not like you would see on TV, but definitely hoardish tendencies.  Married to a man with hoardish tendencies.  Passing on the hoardish tendencies to the children.  Mostly the Peanut.  Something needs to be done around here.

October is here and that means November is right around the corner.  November means Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving means a houseful of guests.  Then comes December and Christmas.  New stuff to find room for.

I thought about doing 31 days of cleaning but I realized I was putting the cart before the horse.  I instead decided on getting rid of all the excess stuff I have around here first.  Then when November comes it should be easier to clean and maintain.

That's right.  I will not be cleaning!  Yay!  Just de-hoarding.  So, don't be expecting things to look all shiny and pristine around here just yet.  Just less stuff.  Which means less cleaning.  Winning!

To give myself some sort of focus each week I will pick a new area of my house and work through that area day by day.

What better way to hold myself to the plan than to share with all of you?

Check back each day to follow my progress.

Week 1 - Entryway

Week 2 - The Living Area
Week 3 - The Kitchen
Week 4 - The Kid's Stuff
Week 5 - The Master Plan

31 Days of De-Hoarding
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