Monday, February 4, 2013

WIWS: Something About Soup?

Yesterday, on the internets, everyone kept talking about soup for some reason.  Something about it being in a special bowl?

I guess it was also the day of that big football game everyone likes to watch because they show funny commercials during it.  I don't think people have caught on to the fact that they can watch those commercials on the internet the next day and they don't have to suffer through all that football watching.

I guess you can tell I am not the biggest sports fan.  To each their own.  Though it's hard for me to fathom it, I know there are plenty of people who would be bored at a comic book or sci fi convention.  I know!  Boggles the noodle.

Football isn't my favorite sport but I can manage to watch a game if I need to.  I can even root for a team and (mostly) understand what's going on.

Growing up I always rooted for the 49ers.  Mainly because if my dad was going to hog the TV all day, watching nothing but sports, the least I could do was root for the other team.  He is a Cowboys fan.  And a Spurs fan which is why I am a Bulls fan.  That and the fact that Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player to ever live.  Ahem.  I do enjoy basketball.  Not enough to actually go out of my way to watch it but nothing gets the adrenaline pumping more than a good basketball game.

Did I mention that my dad is from Baltimore...

Then I grew up and married a man who has about the same appreciation for sports that I do.  (Thank you Jesus!)

Usually on Super Bowl Sunday, we try to go to evening Mass.  During the Super Bowl.  It's kind of nice to have the whole church to ourselves.  I always wonder about the other people in the church.  Are they like us?  Or did they forget what day it was?

It always makes me feel like that episode of the Simpsons.  You know the one.  Where the Simpsons go to church on the day of the big game.  Homer is grumbling about it.  There they are in church and there is only one other person there.  Then the reverend thanks them for choosing to come to church over the lure of "the big game."  The other guy in the church freaks out.  "I forgot about the game!"  And runs out of the church.  He he.  Good stuff...

This year, the Peanut had CCD class in the morning.  Since we had to be there to pick him up, it seemed pointless to go home and then go back later just to go to the "Super Bowl Mass."

So, we went in the morning.  And by morning I mean noon.

This is what we wore.

Red Sweater: Target
Shirt: Target
Pants: Hand me down from my brother's suit
"Bowties are cool:" Hot Topic
Belt finally found in the bottom of one of his dresser drawers: Target?

Shirt: Target
Leggings: Target  (yes white would look better but all she had were pink or grey)
Hair bows: Target
Belt: Repurposed from a dress four sizes too small for her from The Children's Place
 Dress: Made by me with help from my zipper putting in mother (because why would I learn how to install a zipper when I can just ask mom to do it...)  I refuse to acknowledge that the dress has gotten way too small for her.  As long as she can squeeze into it I will put it on her.  I mean how cute is that dress?  And more importantly, do you know how hard I worked on that dress?!


Shirt that I will never wear again: ebay
Cardigan that covers the horribleness of the button up shirt (and the toothpaste blob): ebay
Skirt that you will never see again because I broke the zipper taking it off: ebay (Don't worry, I still have 4 more long black skirts)
Shoes that are painfully too small for me: Don't know, mall store somewhere...

I have most definitely decided once and for all that I can not wear button up shirts.  They are evil.  They always look so cute on everyone else, prompting me to again attempt but they will never work for me.

I also wore makeup but you really can't tell any difference.  Hence why I usually don't bother.  And yes, my hair is usually still wet from the shower at church.

You can't tell here but she repeated her sock mismatch.  One blue one pink.  But they were both Tinkerbell.

Bracelets: Avenue?
Earrings: Gift from my husband from Helzberg.  Only pair of earrings I own that I am not allergic to.


And since we weren't at church during the game for once.

We watched a couple of episodes of the Alien Nation TV series.

I know.  Downton Abbey was on.  I DVRed it so I can watch it after I catch up.  Now that I have seen season one, I need to find a way to watch season two and what I have missed of season three...
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