Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stuff I Want: Gypsy Chandelier

Yesterday I was planning on posting a Wordless Wednesday post with pictures from the Renaissance Festival but I realized all the good pictures were taken on my sis-in-law's camera so I will have to wait until I can get copies from her.

Until then you will have to make due with another edition of Stuff I Want !!!!

Previously I have picked practical items like a shelf or a $600 toilet so today I thought I would go totally and completely in the opposite direction.

This item is about as impractical as it gets.  And so so pretty too.
Silly Lamp Chandelier Gypsy Multicolour 6 Arms --
Gypsy Chandelier

Drool . . .

Isn't it pretty?

Have you ever seen anything more stunningly, exquisitely, gorgeously, breathtakingly, awesomely, splendorous?  Have you??  No, I thought not.

Need a better look?

See?  Beautiful!

And it would look so good in the . . .

over the . . .

I would put it . . .

Well that's just it.  I have no clue at all where I would put that beauty.  But I want it!  I would manage to find a place for it I'm sure.

Actually the ceiling fan in the guest bedroom doesn't work anyway and it would go so well with the design scheme.  At least the design scheme in my head.  The one I plan to have in the room.  See that room is my free reign, decorate however I want room.  As in the first time ever I can actually decorate a room in bright colors!  Like lots of bright colors.  Doesn't it make you want to come visit?  A nice happy space.

That chandelier can be my inspiration piece.  It will pull everything together!  I love it!!!! Love! Love! Love! It!

The small one isn't too expensive really . . .

Of course the big one would probably look way better.

Maybe I will get two.

I could use the other one . . . ummm.

In my living room?

Right now I have a blue living room, am working on having a green dining room and will have a yellow kitchen.  I won't rest until my house is painted like a box of crayons.  (Crayon brights in the guest room.)  See?  Again the chandelier could be the piece that pulls it all together.

Not that I really have a place to hang it in my living room . . .

I'm sure we can figure it out.  >:)

So, like I said.

I need two of those glorious chandeliers and they are totally the most practical things ever!

By the way the larger image is brought to you through Pinterest which I only recently started using and have now decided is basically the best site ever!  I don't know how I have lived all this time without Pinterest. All those years of surfing the web and seeing a pretty and having nowhere to pin it to.  Sad really.

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