Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Attack of the Tiny Snowmen

Imagine my shock this morning as I opened the door to discover this.
 Two tiny menacing snowmen had mysteriously materialized on my front porch overnight.

Yet somehow eerily familiar.

I had seen their kind before.
It was many years ago.  But I had not forgotten.  I will never forget.

You don't terrorize my child and get away with it.
The Peanut quivering in fear of the maniacal snowman
Oh no sir snowman.
My old nemesis had returned.  And he brought a friend.

Clearly it was time to take action.

Naturally, I did what anyone would do if two tiny enormous snowmen suddenly materialized on their front porch.

I called the Doctor.
 It was a fierce battle but the Doctor was victorious.
Once the threat was neutralized...
the Doctor was off to tend to more pressing matters.
What remained of the snowmen serving as a warning.  Never cross the Doctor.
 And then they were gone.  Mysteriously vanished just as quickly as they had materialized.
Safe.  Thanks to the Doctor.

At least for now...
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