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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Just Some Halloween Pictures

And now I present you with the obligatory "day after Halloween photo dump."

Pumpkin carving.

It's always fun to go to a Halloween store ON Halloween for last minute Zombie makeup.

And a tad ironic when your "little Zombie" hugs you close in terror the entire time you are in the store.

The kids were excited to open their Halloween cards from my Aunt.

The cutest as always!

Zombie makeup application.

Makeup closeups.

Finally time for a little trick-or-treating.

Quit trying to eat your sister's BRAAINNSSS!

Back home showing off their Jack-o-lanterns.

Hope everyone had a super safe and fun Halloween and that you aren't feeling too sick from the candy hangover today.

Happy Feast of All Saints!

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Making the Bed

I know you won't be surprised to hear that I don't make my bed.

It's a habit I started back in my middle school days when I had a bunk bed that was in the corner of my room.  Trying to make that thing is pure evil.  That same exact bed is now in my daughters room.  In the corner.  Still just as hard to make.  Have you ever tried to tuck in a sheet while sitting on it?  Evil.

I have heard all the arguments about why making the bed is some sort of "necessity" but I don't buy them.

The "it just looks nicer and that makes me happy/inspires me/motivates me to clean/etc" argument.  Do what works for you but for me it really doesn't make a difference.

See, we have this fancy device on our bedroom called a door.  Once shut, the room disappears like magic.

I get up in the morning, leave my room and shut the door.  I usually don't go back in there much during the day unless it's to put away laundry (or let's be honest, dump it on the bed to put away later only because I can't climb into bed at night until all those clothes are put away.)  I just don't hang out in my room very much during the day.

I also don't show it off to company.  Hey, wanna come hang out in my bedroom?  That's something I haven't said in many years.  Because that would be weird.

Some people prefer to climb into a made bed each night but I am honestly not one of them.  It's one of the things that drives me crazy at hotels.  Those tucked in sheets that don't quite pull up far enough.  And they might as well be glued in there for all the good pulling and tugging and yanking will do.  Annoying.

Why would I want to replicate that in my own home?

I know what you are probably all thinking.  You know that if you don't at least sort of make the bed then that flat sheet gets all twisted and tangled.  It gets untucked and pulls up off your feet.  It gets scrunched up down at the bottom of the bed where you can't reach it.

My solution?

Ditch the flat sheet.

Friday, December 21, 2012

7QT: Happy Birthday Sister!

The Peanut has been predicting snow (in DFW TX) for Christmas this year.  He is very determined. "It's going to snow on Christmas.  It is.  It is.  Because, I just know it."  There is no hopefulness in his voice.  He says it as absolute fact.  That's the faith of a child.

Unfortunately the forecast does not support his theory.
It's going to be a scorcher!

Did I mention that today is also my sister's birthday?  When I first found out that her birthday was the same day as the End of the World , I won't lie, I was a bit giddy.  Called her right away.  And like any good older sister I have taken full advantage of the opportunity to remind her.  You might say, tease her a bit.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Zombie Ethics

My husband and I have been catching up on episodes of The Walking Dead.  We are frequent watchers of Zombie movies and other horror movies.  In fact, I swear the moment we fell in love was when we found out we both loved Evil Dead.

I never have nightmares after watching scary movies.  Well, with the one exception when I was 5.  But now for two nights in a row I have found myself having nightmares.

Not really about Zombies.  No, my nightmares have been about lost and/or injured children.  Because I'm a mom and if anything is going to scare the crud out of me, it's the thought of something hurting my children.

I have one "rule" when it comes to horror movies/shows/books.  Do whatever you want to everyone else but leave the pregnant women, babies and children alone.  In fact my husband has felt my wrath several times after convincing me to watch a movie (that he had previously viewed) in which my rule wasn't followed.  (I'm also not a fan of "revenge" movies.)

In fact, he convinced me to read the first Walking Dead comic book and I was pretty mad at him after I finished it.  I refused to read any more.

Despite myself, I have been sucked into the show.

Let's just say they keep toying with my emotions and keeping me on the edge of my seat.

Last night was the first night I didn't have the nightmares.  Probably because I was up half the night wrestling with an ethical dilemma.

Would it be right/ok to "kill" a Zombie?

Are Zombies people too?

Are Zombies already dead anyway so it doesn't matter if you shoot them?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Zombie Apocalypse is Upon Us & My Mom isn't Prepared

Wake up people!

The Zombie Apocalypse is not coming.  That's ridiculous.  You guys have been watching way too many B movies on late night television.

The Zombie Apocalypse is already here!!!

Don't believe me?

Check this out.

Now think about that for a minute.  When have you ever known the CDC to release preparation instructions before an outbreak?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Zombie Mom

Learning Resources Breakfast Foods, Set of 16 When those first rays of sunshine come wafting through my window I awake.  I stretch and smile.  The glorious morning awaits.  I spring up out of bed and skip off to the kitchen to concoct a healthy, nutritious, homemade breakfast for my growing children.

Singing as I work I hear the sweet voice of my daughter breaking into my revelry.

"Mama!  Mama!"