Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Who

A couple of days ago my son made an announcement.

For the past several weeks he had been planning on being Spiderman for Halloween.  He was Spiderman last year and his costume still fit.  We were being a bit lazy and were big fans of the idea of an easy stress free Halloween so it seemed perfect.

Then came the announcement.

My husband has been trying to give the Peanut a haircut.  His hair is getting a bit wild and out of control.  But he needed new clippers.  So finally he went to the store and got the clippers and told the Peanut that it was haircut time.

"But it's Doctor Who hair!  I want to have Doctor Who hair!!"

"I think you have had Doctor Who hair long enough."

"But... but..."  Scrambling for his life line.

"I want to be Doctor Who for Halloween!"

The magical words were spoken.

Now, I will guarantee you two things.

1.  If he had chosen any other last minute costume two days before Halloween, I would have laughed, put him in his Spiderman suit missing mask and all, and not thought twice.

2.  If he had announced on Halloween night as we were headed out the door to go trick-or-treating that he wanted to be Doctor Who, I would have made it happen.

My heart exploded with joy.

I think I was 13 the year I had a Doctor Who themed costume.  My best friend and I were taking our younger siblings out trick-or-treating.  I came up with the costume all on my own.  I was Romana.  She was Tom Baker's Doctor's companion.  It was the first time I dyed my hair.  (Romana had strawberry blond hair.)  Mom wouldn't allow me to really dye my hair so I used a red "rinse."  My hair came out looking... exactly the same as it had before I "rinsed" it.  I checked to see what she was wearing in the most recent episode and I copied it as best I could.  A long sleeve, button down red shirt and black pants.

This is the exact outfit I copied.

As you might imagine, the few times I got asked what I was dressed up as and responded, "Romana from Doctor Who," I was met with blank stares.  "Who?"  "Yes, Doctor Who."  (Sorry, it's funny to me. And also true...)  Mostly though the response I got was more like, "Oh, you are supposed to be dressed up?"


But this time would be different!

So, I started putting together a Doctor Who costume for the Peanut.

Matt Smith wears a brown tweed jacket, button down shirt, black jeans with the bottom rolled up, black boots, suspenders and most importantly a red bow tie.  Cause "bow ties are cool."
Source: via Rachael on Pinterest

Let's make this happen!

Doctor Who hair?  Yup!
Black jeans?  Check!  A little too long so the bottoms have to be rolled up anyway, bonus!
Button up shirt?  Got it!
Black boots?  Eh, who looks at the shoes anyway?
Suspenders?  Would be covered by the jacket.  Also the shirt has stripe things right where suspenders would be so we will pretend.
Brown jacket?  Hmm.  No.  But he has a grey suit.  We could use the jacket.  Grey is close to brown, right?
Red bow tie?  Where to get a red bow tie??!

Now as it so happens I might have already done a little research into this before.  I thought it would be cool for him to have a bow tie to match Matthew but realized they are not easy to find.  Getting a red one in the next two days would be pretty challenging.  Then it hit me.  I had red ribbon.  I could make one!

Red bow tie?  Took me two minutes to make.  Which proves that with proper motivation I can get things accomplished...

Last but not least, a Sonic Screwdriver.  As luck would have it, we took the Peanut to a toy store on his birthday to spend some birthday money he had been given.  The only toy he picked out was a Sonic Screwdriver.  I almost tried to talk him out of it because it was $25!  But he really wanted it and it was the only thing he wanted.  Plus I'll admit to being a bit jealous.

And just for fun.
Stetsons are cool.
Now the princess had decided awhile back that she wanted to be "Girl Robin."  Yes, there is such a person. She wore the Peanut's old Robin costume and added a skirt.  Which pretty much sums up her personality.  Tomboy Princess.  Also the entire time we were out trick or treating, whenever anyone would call her by name she would correct them.  "No, I Girl Robin."
I think her choice of costume made her dad almost as happy as his choice made me.