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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

What Blog?

Today I was talking to the Princess about something and I mentioned "when I used to blog."  She asked me what I was talking about.  The more I tried to explain it to her the more confused she seemed.  That's when it hit me.  It has been so long since I blogged that she doesn't even remember me doing it.  Which takes it way beyond the procrastination mark to the quit mark.  But I never intended on quitting.  So, here we go again.  Let's see if I can get myself back on track.

I guess I should start by filling you in on the happenings around here.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Let It Go Monday

A word of warning.

If you tell a grandparent that your daughter really likes Frozen and that she would like an Anna doll for her birthday...

Expect the grandparent to walk in to the store, find Frozentopia and buy ALL THE THINGS!

One of which will be a mini "flip open sofa."

(We won't even mention the musical snow globe wand that plays Let It Go.)

The elated Princess will of course insist on sleeping in her new sofa, snuggled under her new Frozen blanket, instead of in her perfectly functional bed.

After two nights of "restful" slumber on the floor, she will awaken early Monday morning, tired and grouchy.

Then she just might catch you tearing pages out of her math book to put into her binder and realize the terrible truth.

That you have only been tearing out every other practice page.

Skipping pages!!

And this will be the result.

Worst mother ever.  Depriving her of the joy of extra math practice pages.

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Just Some Halloween Pictures

And now I present you with the obligatory "day after Halloween photo dump."

Pumpkin carving.

It's always fun to go to a Halloween store ON Halloween for last minute Zombie makeup.

And a tad ironic when your "little Zombie" hugs you close in terror the entire time you are in the store.

The kids were excited to open their Halloween cards from my Aunt.

The cutest as always!

Zombie makeup application.

Makeup closeups.

Finally time for a little trick-or-treating.

Quit trying to eat your sister's BRAAINNSSS!

Back home showing off their Jack-o-lanterns.

Hope everyone had a super safe and fun Halloween and that you aren't feeling too sick from the candy hangover today.

Happy Feast of All Saints!

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Princess

It is birthday season around here and yesterday was the Princess's 6th birthday.
I was planning on writing a whole post about it but this week is crazy busy so instead I will just throw some pictures at you.

Pictures of her birthday celebration at Chuck-E-Cheese.

Cake on her actual birthday.
And some photos of her through the years on or near her birthdays.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

7QT - All the Things!

It has been way too long since I last participated in Seven Quick Takes Friday!

Let me tell you.  I always have grand intentions of all the things I am going to share on the blog.  Half written posts, posts in my head, oodles of pictures taken with a specific post in mind and then...

Life happens and posts don't get written or finished.  And you never get to hear about that trip we took to Disney World almost two years ago.

So, for your reading enjoyment, here are seven quick blog posts I have been planning on writing.

1.  The Princess gets glasses.

In hindsight I should have probably realized she needed them.  She would get so upset when doing her school work that her letters looked wiggly.  I thought she was just being a perfectionist.  That was only part of it though.  Turns out wiggly meant blurry.  Go figure.
I got glasses too.  Not that I really needed them.  My prescription is the lowest one.  But I thought it would encourage her.  Good thing I don't actually need them because I have already managed to lose them.  Which totally makes all my lectures to her about taking care of her glasses and not losing them, a bit hypocritical.
2.  The Princess gets her first haircut.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


This week we have a visitor at our house.

My darling daughter has gone to a birthday party that may last anywhere from 9 days to 20 days.  She really isn't sure.  

It's her friend "Flowery's" party.  

Unfortunately Flowery is allergic to all the foods being served at her own party so she is going to stay at our house.  It is a little concerning that Flowery's parents would be so thoughtless to serve foods their daughter is allergic to at her own party.  Now those same people are responsible for my daughter for "9 or 20 days."

This is Flowery.
The Princess and Flowery
Not that one.  The one in the reflection.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Decorating the Tree - A Mother's Tale

Mothers of toddlers,  I know right now it seems like you will never again be able to decorate the bottom half of your Christmas tree.

But do not despair.

Allow me to offer a glimmer of hope.

True story.

Once Upon a Christmas Past,

The Peanut, took a bite out of a glass ball ornament.  I was two steps behind him.

He was unharmed and remained unphased as I frantically and carefully removed shards of glass from his mouth.  Yes, frantically AND carefully.  That's motherhood in a nutshell.

Every year since then, our ornaments have moved their way further up the tree as the children have gotten taller.

Just when it seemed all hope was lost.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

TT: Growing

Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the sidewalk before it stops snowing. - Phyllis Diller
The quote has nothing to do with the post except the growing theme.  But it's true so I had to add it.

Yes, they grow up too fast.  But at night, when they drift off into dreamland, I get to steal back a few precious seconds of their babyhood.

Linking up with Cari at Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday - Grow.

Don't forget that the No Housework Party link up is still open.  Link up!!  Old posts, new posts, pictures of your messy house, pictures of your clean house, all are welcome!
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Friday, February 8, 2013

Starve a Cold, Feed a Toe

The Princess.
She seems to be coming down with some sort of cold.  The past couple of mornings I have heard that slight catch of a cough when she first woke up.

This morning she woke up with the nose stuffies.  They have made her rather mis-er-ble today.

She periodically exclaims, "I don' feel so good."  Or, "I'm tired but I don't wanna go to sweep."

Most of her day has been spent snuggled up on the couch under a blanket.
She has needed lots of Mama snuggles today.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Well it don't stop
No, it's never gonna stop
Why do I have to wear
so many things on my head?

Amy Grant - Hats

I think Cari might have been thinking winter hats when she selected hats/scarves for today's Theme Thursday.  But this here's Texas and we don't do winter round these parts.  Just sun and more sun!

I set my fancy shmancy camera to the "backlit" setting.  Managed not to get red eye!  Maybe I am learning something?

Oh, and none of those poses were faked.  I gave them no instructions other than to put a hat on their head.  My kids just naturally ham it up for the camera.

Now go check out more hats at Clan Donaldson! 
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Friday, February 1, 2013

7QT: Not About Ducks

My brother has requested fewer linkup posts from me about what we are wearing and more posts about ducks...

This is my response.
My sister was in town for a few days this week.  She got in on Wednesday evening and on Thursday morning she got up early and left for an appointment.

When I woke up I realized it was a bit late and wondered why the kids were sleeping in so long since they hadn't woken me up.

It was quiet in the house and I was surprised to find the Peanut sitting at the bottom of the stairs casually flipping through a comic book.  I asked him what he was doing.

"Waiting for Aunt Treesa to come down."

I told him she had left for a meeting and he looked at me like I was deluded.

"No, she can't have left.  Her shoes are still here."

Sure enough, her sneakers were there by the door.

"Buddy, she wore a different pair."

He gave me a confused look and asked to go check her room.  He would not believe me until he had confirmed her absence for himself.

Later, the Princess woke up.

She picked out her clothes for the day.

A dress paired with a skirt.
Her argument was that they went together because the skirt was twirly and the dress has a pretty pink ribbon.
Can't argue with that logic.

So I made her tuck the dress into the skirt.

We went on about our day and around noon I told them to get shoes on because we were going to be leaving in a minute.
Is that an outfit or what?
My husband was coming home on lunch and we were going to do our taxes.

She was ready to go and said to me, "As soon as Aunt Tweesa comes down we going to leave?"

Again, I found myself explaining that Aunt Theresa wasn't upstairs.

Again I was faced with a quizzical expression.