Thursday, March 7, 2013

Theme Thursday: Piles of Piles

I won't even begin to insult your intelligence by trying to pretend that this weeks Theme Thursday challenge provided any actual challenge subject wise.  Piles I have.  Piles and piles of piles.  The hardest part was which pile to choose from.

Other people organize by creating stacks, rows, collections, clusters.  They have buckets, baskets, bins, files.  I have piles.  I'm a piler.  I have piles on stacks, piles in rows, collections of piles, clusters of piles.  I have piles in, under and on my buckets, baskets and bins.

Yes, I even have piles on my files.
My organized coupon filing system.  Why the puzzle?  No idea.
My bookshelves even have piles.
It was trying to be a stack.  Really it was.  I don't do stacks well.  They always turn into piles.
But if there were one pile in my house that would outdo every other pile it would be the outgrown clothes pile.  See it started as a bag.  A system of bags.  In the beginning I would sort through the clothes before bagging them up.  Get rid of any worn out clothes.  Clothes they had never worn.  Anything I did not want to absolutely save for when/if we have more children.  Outgrown clothes were sorted into large ziplocks with the size and gender marked on each.  Then the bags found a home in a bin.  One bin for girl clothes and one bin for boy clothes.

Somewhere along the way, my bag/bin system became a pile.  Two piles that grew and grew until they morphed into one giant pile.  And when they grow out of clothes I just hurl them up to the top of the pile for later when I find the time to sort through the giant pile and get rid of half or more of it.

I'll get around to it one of these days...
One pile to rule them all.
 Now before you revoke my parenting card and start lamenting the terrible life my children must live, helplessly buried under all these piles... (makes for a fun game of Marco Polo)
 Check out the scones I made for breakfast today.
 All that time slaving away...

Ok, fine.  You got me.
They came out of a can.

They were still pretty scrumptious.  Sorry, we didn't save you any.

Linking up with Cari @ Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday.  Go check out some piles that don't make you fear for your life.
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