Thursday, March 14, 2013

Can You Guess My Favorite Color?

Today's Theme Thursday theme is green.  So, when the kids asked for pickles for breakfast I thought it might make a perfect green picture.
Mom of the year alert!

It wasn't quite green enough to satisfy me so I figured I could find a few green things around the house to photograph.

Some green items did not really lend themselves to be moved.

 Nevertheless, I was able to collect a few things for a photograph.  I decided to use the green wall in the dining room as a backdrop and draped a green blanket over the Peanut's desk.
I opted not to add my toothbrush because that would just be taking it too far...
 The kids saw me gathering green things so they decided to gather a collection of their own.
 Kermit has "seen" better days.
 Their collection may have gotten a little out of control...
All the green reminded me that St. Patrick's Day is approaching.
I really need to paint the outside of the front door.
Much better.
Better make sure we have something clean to wear.

I went through the laundry basket and pulled out some clothes to wash.
Green Laundry Basket
Green Laundry
 What do you mean I always take things to extremes?

Oh, and I used the "natural green" setting on my camera.

And now because I really can't write a blog post today without at least mentioning yesterday's excitement.

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