Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Water Water Everywhere...

If you know me or have read my blog you probably are aware of our continuing struggle with the creatures I call the Pipe Gremlins.

In case you are not I'll give you a brief summary.

February 2010 we had our first slab leak.

October 2010, 2nd slab leak.  This is when we had the pipes coated with Ace DuraFlo to prevent future leaks.  This process came with a lifetime warranty.

November 2010, 3rd slab leak.  Covered under warranty.

October 2011, 4th slab leak.  Covered under warranty.

July 2012, 5th slab leak.  Coverage to be determined.

August 2012, it appears we have our 6th slab leak.  The epic battle continues.

And now I will inundate you with pictures of our latest round of pipe repair.

Our dear friend Jackhammer.

Hole in bathroom floor.
Closeup of hole in bathroom floor.
 The plumbers were unable to access the pipe from the bathroom after they dug the hole so they moved outside and started digging in under the house.
Outside hole.  Full of water from the leak.
Dirt from hole.
 After a full day of locating, digging, relocating and more digging the plumbers still could not reach the pipe so they sent an excavation team to dig a larger hole the next day.  Three feet down and three feet in under the house.
Larger mound of dirt from larger hole.
Larger hole.
The pictures don't do it justice.  One of the plumbers actually crawled into that hole and under the house to reach the pipe.
Did I mention that they were out there digging in 110 degree weather?!
Random picture of my adorable children sleeping.  They have been camping out in the living room while their floor is pulled up because of the water leaking into their room.
 Once the pipe was cut out and replaced the plumbers checked the water meter and saw that it was still spinning.  They were hoping that it was air in the line.

I went out to check today and sure enough it was still spinning.  The hole outside is full of water.
Hole full of water.
Hole with water.
Which means that we have yet another leak.  Making it a grand total of 6.  6 slab leaks in less than three years.  6.

Also we found a wet spot in the top of the bathroom cabinet.  We assumed it came from the bathtub upstairs.

Which has now molded.
You know I LOVE mold in the bathroom!!

 The plumbers investigated and found no signs of a leak coming from the bathtub.  And then they opened the closet with the AC unit.
And found water everywhere.  On the floor,
the walls, ceiling above the unit,
 And today it got worse and actually started leaking out onto the bathroom floor.
Puddle in the hole/patch left from slab leak #1.
Water in the bottom of the bathroom cabinet.
 So, whenever we get done (and when I say done I obviously use that term very loosely) with the plumbing issue we will have to call the AC repair folks and get that fixed.

Oh, and my favorite tree is officially dead.
Dead tree.
Dead leaves on dead tree.
I don't know how or why but I lay all blame for the dead tree on the Pipe Gremlins.