Thursday, October 23, 2014

{Day 23} Peanut Toys - 31 Days of De-Hoarding

Welcome to Day 23 of 31 Days of De-Hoarding!

Confession time.  I totally cheated when I planned for today.

The Peanut and Princess used to share a room and all their toys were in the same room.  Then when the Peanut moved to his own room we moved the toys he actually plays with into his room.

(All on the floor instead of his shelf where they belong but I will leave that for him to rectify.)

And all the toys that need to be de-hoarded are still in the Princess's room.

So, I basically gave myself two days to do one big task.

And you are remembering that big pile I had left to do.  Aren't you?

Told you I would come back to it.

More of the same.  All toys that came in a fast food kids meal, are broken or missing parts, were bought with tickets, or are just plain annoying.


Between the two days, I ended up with three white bags full.

One of those is filled with toys and the others are simply trash.

I am going to call that a Good Job and link it up with Cari's Theme Thursday!

Look!  I can even close the closet door now!!!

I really need to finish painting that door.

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