Tuesday, February 19, 2013

WIWS/TT: Better Late Than Never

The linkup closes in 14 hours so I figured I would start writing my What I Wore Sunday post.  On Tuesday. Also I missed last Sunday.  Wrote half a post but didn't finish in time.  So technically I am a week and two days late...

I blame my husband for being on vacation last week.  I was way too busy not being busy with him to blog.

Right.  Clothing.
Last week I wore this.
Pants, gasp!  I know.

Normally I am a skirt wearer.  I just like skirts.  It's hard for me to find pants that fit properly.  I had to hem these which took me months.  Fine, about 5 minutes after I actually got around to sitting down at the sewing machine.  Skirts are easy and I am lazy.  That being said, after years of wearing skirts, I can tell you one thing for certain.  Skirts are NOT more modest than pants.  I should probably wear pants more often.

After looking at the picture I had to conclude that I do look better in pants.

Just to check I tried the same outfit with a skirt.
Yup.  The pants worked better.

Shirt: Ebay
Halftee: Deborah & Co.
Pants: Ebay
Skirt: Avenue
Cutest Shoes I've ever owned: Avenue
The Peanut & The Princess
 Note.  Take pictures before Mass.  Afterwards they are tired and cranky.

Peanut:  All rerun clothes via Target

Princess: Also all via Target

Her dress was her Christmas dress and a gift from "Moogie."  (My mother.)  For Christmas I paired it with a little black cardigan.  This time I put a white shirt under it.
 Random picture of the "Matthew tree."  Notice I have managed to keep it alive thanks to all the great advice from non plant killers.  Leaves for Cari's Theme Thursday.  Told you I am lazy.  And an ultimate procrastinator.

I took a ton of pictures trying out various settings on my camera.  This was the best looking one.  No idea what the settings were cause I didn't, you know, write them down or anything.  Pretty sure it was macro focus.  Flash was on.  And I think I used the "Natural Green" setting.  Totally guessing.

After seeing how well the pants worked last week, I decided to wear them again this week.  I added a purple shirt for Lent.
Purple top: Ebay
Halftee: Debrorah & Co.
Pants: Ebay
Boots: Avenue
Bracelet: Avenue

Yup, total rerun outfit.  I did switch back to my boots this week because I have concluded my cute shoes are cursed.  They are pretty comfortable so wearing them for an hour or so at Mass is fine.  However, whenever I wear them, I find myself unexpectedly going on some kind of shopping trip without returning home to change shoes.  Walking around various stores in them = not so fun for my feet.  Needless to say, since I wore my boots, we came straight home.
The Princess:

Dress: Target
Shoes: Shoe Carnival
Hairband: Target
Hair: Still wet from being the last person to shower that day.

I absolutely love her dress.  I saw it at Target and had to have it.  I actually bought it for her to wear at Matthew's funeral.  I wanted something that wasn't black but was still subtle.  The pink bow was so perfect for a little touch of something cheerful.

He was running late for CCD so I didn't get a before Mass shot.  I learned my lesson last week about trying to get him to pose for a pic.  So there he is.

Shirt: Thrift store
Pants: Hand me down from Unkey Monkey
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