Monday, October 6, 2014

{Day 6} Living Area Desk - 31 Days of De-Hoarding

Welcome to Day 6 of 31 Days of De-Hoarding!

Well, what do you know.  Day 6.  Can't believe I have made it this far.  And here we are almost half way through.  We are almost half way there right??  No really.  Closeish?

Here I am everyday, sitting at my desk, typing away.

And my desk looks like this.

Maybe I should do something about that?

Because, let's be honest, probably a lot of garbage hanging out on my desk.

Let's take care of that and maybe the mess won't swallow my computer (or me) before we manage to finish this whole de-hoarding series.

I started sorting through, one level at a time.

Starting with the actual desktop.

{Day 6} Living Area Desk - 31 Days of De-Hoarding #write31days  

Most of that pile was just actual garbage.

And this thing.

It's a charging station that I bought at Target from the dollar section.  Thought it would be so functional.  But I quickly realized what a huge pain it was to constantly dig for the charger cord and that most of my devices that needed charging didn't fit anyway.  Plus having my phone straight up with it's weight resting on the cord wasn't really good for the cord.  So, this became a place to stick stuff.


Also a pair of the Peanut's too small shorts that somehow made their way to the top of my desk.


On to the middle shelf.

At first glance this shelf appears to be the least of the offenders.

Some mess there in the middle but mostly the stuff is contained neatly.

But I have quite a few magazines there and to be honest, I read them when they first arrived, and never look at them now.

Because that is what Pinterest is for.  Easily accessible ideas that I will never actually implement and it takes up no space on my desk other than the actual computer that would be there anyway.

But I always convince myself I will look at those magazines again because there are so many great ideas in them.

Now I get my magazines on my Nook which also takes up no space on my desk.

Sometimes I have to baby step myself through the de-hoarding process.

Step one.  Get rid of all the regular issues.  For now I will keep the special issues and give myself a little time to go through them before I de-hoard those as well.

Half of my magazine stash.


Now on to those books.

I have a real problem with books.  I love them and I can never walk into a Half Price bookstore without walking out with a stash of books.  It is really hard to let them go even if I don't need them.  Especially since I paid money for them.  Surely one day I will use them.

And yet again, you see a stash of books I looked through a few times and haven't looked through in years.

Can you tell I have a thing for color?

Oh, and storage?  Because why get rid of stuff when I could just keep adding more storage to stash the stuff??

Right.  Like maybe a whole bookshelf to store the books about storing the books.

Again, this is what Pinterest is for!


Time for that top shelf.

I know what you are wondering.

Why on earth do I have this?

It is literally empty boxes of prenatal vitamin samples.

But they were the samples that were given to me when I was pregnant with Matthew.

And I still just can't bring myself to get rid of anything that is associated with Matthew.  Not ready for that.

So, I just moved those to his shelf in my closet.  Maybe one day I will be able to let  go of it.

But this shelf holds his entire life.  There is so little of it.  I just can't seem to let go of any of it no matter how small.

In the end most of what I de-hoarded was trash or recycling.

Also, a cell phone case for a phone I no longer own and a bottle of expired lotion.


Now let's play spot the product placement!

The desk looks so much better!

And those extra magazine boxes became the perfect place to hold important paperwork, photos, etc. At least until I get those things put where they really belong.  But for now, no cleaning.  Only de-hoarding!

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