Thursday, October 2, 2014

{Day 2} Entryway Shelf - 31 Days of De-Hoarding

Welcome to Day 2 of 31 Days of De-Hoarding!

Yesterday, I told you my plan for de-hoarding my entryway and today I am putting that plan into action.

Starting with my entryway shelf.

Can you tell it needs it?

Not a pretty sight.  It's right next to the front door which makes it a convenient dumping place for all the stuffs.  It also means it's the first thing everyone sees when they come in.  Or even come to the door.  Nice.

My weapons of choice.

A black trash bag for trash.  A blue bag for recycling.  A white bag for give away.  A brown box for mail to be shredded.

How about a close up of that messy cubby right there in the middle.

Let's start there.

Oh, look.  It's the boxes for the last three phones I have owned.  Because I might need to return them?

Ok, fine.  I kept one.

But only because I still have that phone and I put it in the box along with the instruction manuals for that phone and my current phone.  That way I will be able to find it easily if anything ever happens to my current phone.

For example if it was in my pocket and I had to jump in the pool and pull out my daughter.  You know hypothetically.  Not that anything like that has ever happened.  Twice. Thank goodness she can swim now!

Oh right.  Back to De-Hoarding.  See how easily I get distracted?  Hence the plan.

Don't worry.  I did not neglect the baskets.

Out of sight out of mind right?  Which is why I found 3 mouse-pads from way back in my Customer Service days.  I haven't used a mouse in years.

But you never know when you might need a mouse-pad.  Or three.


The bottom shelves hold shoe bins for each of the kids.

Half the time they forget to put their shoes in there and we can never find them when we need them.  But sometimes we have trouble finding them even when they are in the bin because there are so many shoes in there.

Shoes that don't even fit anymore.


They are each down to the shoes that actually fit.  I know those pink shoes really need to go too but the Princess loves them so.  I let her keep them for playing outside and such.  For now.

The Peanut really needs new sneakers.  Those things have seen better days!

And check out what I found at the bottom of the Princess's basket.

No wonder she can never find socks!

I ended up with quite a pile of de-hoarded shoes.

Told you I have a hoarding problem.

And the finished product.

I know what you are thinking.  

No, it is not clean.  Just de-hoarded.  Several of the items on top of the shelf belong other places and it could use a good dusting.  I also now have some empty baskets that I can put the leashes in.  Would you believe one of those baskets was full of old junk mail?!

Yup, de-hoarded!

Still, even without actually doing any cleaning.  That shelf looks a bazillion times better.  Yup, a bazillion.  Totally measured it.  And the actual cleaning will now be quick and easy.

When I get around to it.

After all was said and done, I de-hoarded 1 mostly full trashbag.  1 full box of mail to be shredded.  About half a bag of giveaway shoes and about half a bag of junk mail for recycling.

I'm calling day 2 a success!

Ready for day 3.

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