Wednesday, October 29, 2014

{Day 29} Chest of Drawers - 31 Days of De-Hoarding

Welcome to Day 29 of 31 Days of De-Hoarding!

Oh, my goodness.  We are so close to the end.  So very close.  Like you probably wouldn't even notice if I just procrastinated the day away and never even worked on today's project.  Right?




The Chest of Drawers, or Lingerie Chest, or whatever you call that tall thingy in my room with a bunch of drawers.

Whatever you call it, I just love it.  So many little drawers to fill with stuff!

But again, I told myself this was not really going to be that big a project.  I have been pretty good about de-hoarding these drawers recently.  Not that much stuff in them.

Oh, you noticed the sock drawer up there on top.  Not shut is it?

Maybe I could let go of a few socks.

I started by pulling all the socks out of the drawer and sorting them by type.

White socks together, long socks together, toe socks together, socks with grip things on the bottom together, socks with capes together, Doctor Who socks (yes it's its own category) together.

I then "matched" them.

To save you some time, I will spare you the 50 pictures I took of my socks during this process and present the sock sorting collage.

You may notice that some of those "matches" don't actually match.  That is because I have no problem wearing mismatched socks.  In fact that is the only fad that has ever made sense to me.  So practical!  Seriously, years of throwing away a perfectly good mismatched sock, only to then find it's mate and have to throw it away.  No more wasted socks!

But, the socks do have to be similar.  I can't feel the difference.  Like I couldn't wear a long and a short sock together, thick and thin, toe and not toe, etc.

The "mismatched" socks are all matched with socks of a similar variety.

I threw away all worn out holey socks, all of the "no show" socks except the Doctor Who ones because I don't like that style and all the random "trouser socks" that I never wear.


Back in the drawer nice and sorted by type.

I know.  Should get rid of more.  I know there are a few in there that I don't like the fit of.  I plan to de-hoard them as I wear them and realize they are the ones I don't like.  Better than guessing and getting rid of the wrong ones.

The other drawers were pretty simple so I will spare you more oodles of pictures.  Some of those drawers had actual trash in them.  Like clothing tags and packing receipts and store bags.

I did de-hoard a belt from the belt drawer.


Yes, I have an entire drawer just for belts, that's why I love this thing!

And my tattered maternity swimsuit from the swimsuit drawer.


Whew.  Finished and all the drawers close nicely.

See that lovely crack in my wall?  Theme Thursday link up!!

What stuff?

What top of the chest?

Oh, those little things?  All treasures.  No de-hoarding necessary.

Don't believe me?

Check out the treasures I found when I went through it!

Yes, I kept my "Twilight Experience" movie pass.  But, do you see what is on the bottom of that thing?  A $10 gift card!  Glad I held on to that!  Sometimes it pays to be a hoarder.  Literally.  Hope it's still good...

A CD.  Unopened.  Now if I only had a working CD player...

And a priceless antique.

You don't see many of those anymore!

Yes, there was a ton of junk up on top of there.

And some legitimate treasures.

Like the little ring my niece gave me on my first date with my husband.  I had been wondering where it was.

A Chokin keychain I bought in Japan that matches the ones I gave to my bridesmaids at my wedding.

And even a little box to store my treasures in.  I put that box in my nightstand so I can put any jewelry I forgot to take off in it at night.

Most important are the kids baby boxes.

And a few extra things that didn't fit that tiny box.

Thankfully that big yellow box was full of junk so after I emptied it out I had a place to store the little box and all the extras.

A bunch of junk.


I really didn't think I would have that much to de-hoard from these tiny drawers but when I was all done I had a full bag of trash.


And the final result.

I am pretty sure that is the first time the top of that thing has been clean in...


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