Thursday, October 9, 2014

{Day 9} Living Room - 31 Days of De-Hoarding

Welcome to Day 9 of 31 Days of De-Hoarding.

By now you may have noticed a trend.  I have this habit of stashing stuff away to go through later and never going through it later.  I build things up to be epic tasks in my head when they are actually manageable as small projects.

That's the key isn't it?

Because when I am trying to break up my de-hoarding project into 31 days, I am doing lots of smaller tasks.  I am not de-hoarding the entire living area in one day.  No, just the desk or just the bookshelves or even just a few plastic drawers.

They seem like such little things.  Very minor accomplishments.  Almost not worth mentioning.  But when I add them all up, I end up finishing an entire space.

Why do I always put off these minor tasks?

Because I never think of the smaller tasks.  I always just overwhelm myself looking at the big picture.
I look around the living area and think, I really need to tackle that desk and shelf and drawers and while I am at it I should really do something about the entryway.

Then I get exhausted thinking about all that work.  So I avoid it all together.  And it keeps getting worse and worse.

Today I am tackling an entire room.  The whole living room.

Sounds impressive right?

But it's actually probably one of the easiest projects of them all.  Because, thankfully, the living room doesn't have lots of places to stash stuff.  It's a room that gets messy, because kids, but the stuff doesn't actually live in that room.

So, basically just a shelf that has collected a few extra items.


I know, I need prettier baskets to hold the Skylanders.


The secret stash.

See that innocent looking table.

It houses a deep dark secret.

Ok, maybe not that dark.  And only a little deep.

Because that handy little tablecloth conceals below it.

A basket.

Into which I stash.  You will never guess.


Oh, you saw that coming?

Because how convenient is it, when cleaning, to just clear everything off that table and throw it into the basket underneath?

Yup, you guessed it.  To go through later.


Time to go through it.

Ya'll, I might need an intervention.

Quit laughing.  This is serious!

More magazines!!

More reading about finding more storage to stash all the stuff about storage.

More mail to be shredded.

More trash.


And a nice empty basket.

Perfect for stashing all the stuff!


It would make a great spot to hold Mr. Cool's toys though.

I think I am starting to get the hang of this de-hoarding thing.

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