Sunday, October 5, 2014

{Day 5} Plan for Week 2 - 31 Days of De-Hoarding

Welcome to Day 5 of 31 Days of De-Hoarding.

I am so glad I decided to let myself off the hook a little on Sundays.  Yesterday was a busy day.  Two kids birthday parties.  I got home late and had to scramble to finish yesterday's post.

Today I am exhausted.  Just got back from church and I am so glad all I have to do is present you with the plan for next week.

I have to confess, I had planned on cheating a little bit.  I wanted to have next weeks actual de-hoarding all done in advance.  That way when I told you the plan, I knew it would be something I could actually complete.  Yup, I had a plan to plan the plan.  Sneaky huh?

Well, that totally didn't happen this week  (Kept putting it off.  Go figure, me leaving something until the last possible minute.)  So, I guess I will have to just tell you about the plan and commit to it.

Alright.  Ready for it?

Week 2 - The Living Area

Pretty obvious that I should move into the next space visitors see when they come over.

Not going to lie.  Here is where things start to get harder.  Moving to a bigger space.

The living area in my house includes the living and dining room which are pretty open so one big space.  The dining area also includes the homeschool area.

Which, as you can probably imagine, is the area that I am the most nervous about but needs the most attention.

I figure I will just start closest to the front door and just keep moving around the room.

Day 5   - Plan for Living Area
Day 6   - My Desk
Day 7   - Bookshelves
Day 8   - Drawers
Day 9   - Living Room
Day 10 - Kid's Artwork
Day 11 - Living Area Finishing Touches

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