Sunday, March 17, 2013

WIWSt. Patrick's Day

Have I ever mentioned that my favorite color is green?

And if there happened to be some kind of holiday that would give me an excuse to wear green from head to toe, that would probably be my most favorite holiday ever.  Wouldn't it?

Most likely.

So, you can probably guess how much I love St. Patrick's Day.

Yes, I am Irish.  Of the McGinness vintage.  Yes, I know St. Patrick wasn't.  Originally.

Anyway.  When I was in first grade I went to school on St. Patrick's Day and got pinched for not wearing green.  I still dispute the charges because there was green in our uniform.  Not much but it was there.

No, of course I am not still bitter about that.  What kind of person would still be bitter about something that happened when she was 7?  Sheesh.  Totally over it...

Never again my friends.
What I wore today.
Dress: Dress Barn  "Dry Clean only"  I washed it (after waiting in my closet, to go to the dry cleaners, for a few years) and it's fine.  Except that the hem seems to have been glued rather than sewn so it came out.  Which made the skirt longer.  Which I liked so I left it out.  The edge is serged to keep it raveled.  Is raveled  a thing?  Kind of like the look of it.
Black Shrug: Avenue

I know what you are thinking.  Black shrug??  Shouldn't it be green?  Don't you have some kind of green cardigan or something?

Something like...
But shorter would be better.

Like the same length as the black one.

I could just shorten it before Mass right quick.  Dwija does that sort of thing all the time.

Or, I could sew the new hem in and then totally panic about the idea of cutting it.  Won't it just unravel????  I don't have a serger.

And because I cut the button off I can't just rip the seam back out and wear it as it is.

Plus it is HOT out today.

Maybe I should shorten the sleeves?

So, I wore the black one.

And I totally did not obsess over it at all.  Nope.


Green Shoes: Avenue (here)
Bracelet: Avenue?  Found it in my closet when I was searching for green things to photograph.
Belt: Eloquii (here)

My husband in a very rare appearance courtesy of humoring his St. Patrick's Day obsessed wife.

Wearing stuff out of his closet.  I don't buy his clothes.

Yes, he wears shorts to Mass.  His words, "When I invite Jesus to my house, I let Him wear shorts."  Also, it's Texas.
Shirt: bought yesterday at Target after I realized he didn't own a green shirt that wasn't Hulk or Yoda. (here)
Pants: Target
Shoes: Converse (here)

Shirt: Hand me down
Skirt: Birthday gift
Shoes: Shoe Carnival (here)
Hairbow: Target? or Birthday Gift?

After Mass we logically celebrated St. Patrick's Day by going to eat Mexican food.

The restaurant was dressed appropriately with green chairs and menus.

I will spare you the picture of me in my St. Patrick's Day pajamas...
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