Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WIWS: The Reason I Never Wear Makeup

Picture taken while standing in "the hole" right next to the wax drip down the wall.
Dress: ebay $10
Cami: Avenue
Leggings: Avenue
Belt: Target?

Earrings: New York and Company?
Note the red earhole.  VERY allergic to Nickel.  Those are hypoallergenic earrings and I only wore them for Mass.  Still my ears were not happy with me.
 Bracelet: Gift from my sister
 Boots: Avenue (Are you seeing a theme?)
 Hair Flexi Clip: Lilla Rose
 Necklace: Stella & Luna (Gift from friends, with Brigid's and Matthew's birthstones, given to me at Matthew's funeral)
Earring: Scarborough Fair Renaissance Festival

I was determined to participate this week so I woke up earlier than usual on Sunday (8:30am) so I could look extra presentable.  I always dress up for Mass anyway but I usually don't bother with all the accessories and makeup.

8:30 Feed the Peanut.
9-10 Shower and dress the Peanut. Throw on t-shirt and jeans.
10:00 Leave to drive the Peanut to CCD class.
10:05 Realize Peanut's carseat isn't in car. Install carseat and drive to church.
10:15 Peanut dropped off in the nick of time.
10:20 Pick up breakfast on the way home.
10:30 Arrive home. Eat fast.
10:50 Shower the Princess.
10:55 Start panicking that I will not have time to get dressed and put on makeup, which I never wear even though I would like to because I never have time to put it on but would really like to wear today if I am going to go to all the trouble of doing the link up.
11:00 Leave Princess and her clothes with husband to dress.  Run downstairs to the sound of husband mockingly saying, "Your mother needs an hour to get dressed."
11:10 Dressed and adding accessories.  Husband brushes the Princess's hair.
11:20 Dressed with accessories.  Put up the princess's hair while husband gets dressed.
11:25 Brush my hair. (Note- Not an hour.)
11:30 Out the door to pick up Peanut.  Remember Princess's carseat is not in the car.
11:35 Carseat in, drive to church.
11:40 Husband "You look beautiful.  You can write your little blog."
11:45 Pick up Peanut barely on time.
12:00 Mass

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