Friday, October 21, 2011

When it Rains...

You are all probably still envisioning me floating in my indoor swimming pool, hanging out with the Gremlins.

Wet floor
So I thought I would give you a little bit of an update.

Wednesday of last week... Yes, I know I really should have written this last week...

The plumbers came out to fix the pipes.  Where have I heard that line before?

They brought in a leak locate expert who found the leak, in the bathroom floor, right in front of the door to our bedroom.

They brought in their equipment, 

jackhammer included,
and started digging.

Is it bad that I'm starting to get used to this?
They found a pipe that had somehow been incompletely coated and so had sprung a leak.  Wait that sounds vaguely familiar too...

Repaired the pipe and cemented the hole shut.

Thankfully the cost was covered under the warranty.

Good thing my husband was on vacation so he could stay at the house with the plumbers while I took my daughter to her first ever dentist appointment.
And then took her to her second ever dentist appointment, this time to a children's dentist.

Because she would not let the first dentist even look at her teeth.

Then she wouldn't let the second dentist look at her teeth.  So, I had to hold her down while they took a quick peek at her teeth and then managed to get one x-ray of the top teeth.

They should be calling me this week to schedule her next appointment.  Maybe we can manage to sneak an actual cleaning in.

I guess not all kids can be as good as my son at the dentist.

Speaking of my son, the reason my husband was on vacation that day, was for his birthday.  He turned 5.
We were thinking Super Mario Bros theme for the party.  Get it?  Cause of the plumbers.  Anyway...

My daughter turned 3 a couple of weeks ago.

They did have a real party at Chuck-E-Cheese.  Because I am lazy, and because my kids are still young enough to think combo parties are cool, and because it ends up saving us money and sanity to have 1 combo party at Chuck-E-Cheese rather than two at home.  Plus I think all our friends and family appreciate only having to come to one party rather than two only a couple of weeks apart.

Little Big Planet Cake made by a dear family friend.

His birthday was also the reason my parents were in town.  

Yep, plumbing, dentist, dentist, birthday, vacation and parents visiting.  All in one day.

My parents opted to stay with my sister for the first half of the week.  She had better amenities to offer them.  Such as running water and lack of jack-hammering sounds and dust.

I'm a bit worried they might start getting ideas about staying with her on future visits.  Would you believe that she didn't even put them to work on one single project?!  The nerve of her!  They are going to start getting ideas about relaxing and enjoying their vacation.

I set them straight the minute they arrived at my house.  Dad installed my new medicine cabinet and put crown molding on the front of my fireplace mantle.
I guess I should probably finish painting that trim.
Before - The mantle was pretty pathetic.

Now that's the way to spend a vacation.  Being productive!

Unless of course it's my vacation.  Then I'm just relaxing and taking it easy.


I'll close with a little advice.

If you happen to have a hole in your bathroom floor tile, don't complain.  It could always be worse.
Hole #1
You could have two holes in your bathroom floor tile.
Hole #2