Tuesday, January 29, 2013


This week my husband grudgingly kindly offered to be my photographer.
Then he made me laugh by taking that picture and handing me back the camera.
And this is as good as it gets.
Note the Princess's socks.  They "match" because they are both purple.  I just went with it.  Yes, she went to Mass like that.


Dress: Avenue
Shrug: Avenue
Tank top: Target
Shoes: Avenue via ebay


Dress: Hand me down from cousins
Shoes: Shoe Carnival
Various socks: Target dollar bin


Rerun Shirt: Target
Rerun Pants: Target
Rerun Shoes: Converse

In just a few short weeks you have already seen the Peanut's entire church attire collection.  He makes up for it with an enviable graphic tee collection.

If you want to know what we were doing two hours before this picture was taken you can check out our Snapshots from a Sunday snapshot at Clan Donaldson.
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