Wednesday, October 19, 2011


It got cold this morning.  Like, stay in bed, huddled under the comforter, with only your ice cube nose sticking out for air, cold.

Nobody explained this concept to my kids.

They did not want to stay in bed huddled under the comforter.  They wanted breakfast.  Breakfast!  Can you imagine the nerve.  It's kind of hard to make breakfast while huddled under the comforter in bed.  Believe me.  I tried!

So, I braved the cold.

Now, I have to admit, the cold is a welcome change after a long hot summer.  Long and HOT.

Our electric bill will finally drop to, like, a tenth the price.  Which is happening in the nick of time or possibly slightly after the nick.

Needless to say it is so nice to be cold.  Really.  Not going to complain...

It's just that.  I'm a wimp when it comes to cold.

Other than the electric bill the size of Texas, I would much rather 100+ degree heat over cold.  Seriously.  Yes, I say the same thing when it's 115 degrees out.  I really do.

That is why, on the first day of the great icy cold, except not actually icy because it's not cold enough, even though it feels like it is...


I turned on the heat.

I know!  I'm a wimp.

And I was so looking forward to that transition month where we have the super low bill.  Instead it will be that transition month where the bill is still high because we keep switching from air to heat to air to heat...

But, in my defense, it was 67 degrees in here!!!!

And I can't function in anything lower than 70.

I tried really hard.

I lasted a whole ten minutes, almost.

What?  That's why I live in Texas people!

Also the rain is back.  We had a huge house rattling thunderstorm the other night and it was glorious!

About a month ago we had our first rain since... last year or something.

It rained about 12 drops total.

My daughter immediately ran to the closet and pulled out her "brella" to go out and play in the rain.  The funny thing is she was given the umbrella (hand me down from her cousin) at the beginning of the summer.  She has never used it in the rain before.  In fact she has never really used any umbrella in the rain before.  Plus she is only three so I can't imagine she would really remember someone else using an umbrella before.  So, I was pretty impressed that she knew exactly what to do.

And I pretty much just added that last part so I could put in the pictures.  Because my kids are cute.  And I figured you would rather look at them than a picture of my thermostat.

By the way, my son actually has a Spiderman umbrella but it was in the car so he borrowed my daughter's other "brella."

Yes, my backyard is messy too.  I know you aren't surprised.