Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Dentist Visit

So, last week I was super busy with all the packing, and driving, and visiting my parents for three days, and driving back home, and the unpacking the incident with the pants etc.

This week is when I am supposed to be catching up on my blogging, and blog reading, and tweeting, and facebooking, and cleaning the house, because next week my parents are visiting, and staying at our house for a week.

Here is a list of my progress thus far:

1. Write a list of my progress thus far.  Check!
2. I'll finish this later . . .

Twinkle Toof by Toysmith Of course, today I was very busy with a dentist's appointment that took a whole hour all day long and left me a bit lazy totally exhausted.  To top it all off the Peanut also had a dentist appointment at the same time.

My little guy.  My baby boy.  No, this wasn't his first dentist appointment.  However, this is the first time he has done it all by himself.  My big boy.

There I was all laid out in the chair with teeth scraping and polishing and checking.  He was sitting quietly in the corner swinging his legs being the perfect angel that he somehow is incapable of being at church . . . ahem.

Then I heard his name called and they took him far far away.  All the way over into the next station.  With a whole half wall separating us.  My big little guy.

And I heard him happily chatter away as he was picking his flavor of tooth polish. (Strawberry because his favorite color is red.)  Heard him talk about how he brushes his teeth every day and night and mama brushes her teeth too.  We've trained him well raised a good truth telling boy there.

He happily opened his mouth wide.  No complaints, no fear.

For some reason my teeth took a bit longer to clean than his did . . . ahem.  He returned and sat back in his chair happily looking at his new pencil and sharpener he picked out of the treat box.

My all grown up still so tiny big little guy who can now have his teeth cleaned at the dentist without any hand holding or back patting.

In December the Princess has her first dentist appointment.  Gulp.

They grow so fast.