Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Money Pit

I know I have been terrible about keeping up with my blog.  I apologize because I know you have all been pining away in my absence.  The only excuse I really have is that Summer is always a little stressful around here.  And hot.  Then Summer finally gives way to Fall.

Speaking of Fall, the stairs in my house have been caving in for awhile now.  Yes, caving in.  Like in that movie.  You know the one.  Where the people buy that beautiful house and it falls apart.  You know.  The story of my life.
Thankfully my dad came to the rescue yet again and cut a hole in our closet wall to access under the steps.
And we discovered a long lost treasure.

Bag of nails
And a stair riser that had been eaten by termites.  Thankfully there are no signs of the termites.  They must have been exterminated long before we bought the house.  But the damage had been done.
Dad repaired the stairs and now I have a much bigger closet.  Instead of the smallest closet in the house.  Because why would you use all that wasted space to put a big master closet in when you could just wall it up and put the tiniest possible closet in?
My side of the closet.
My husband's side of the closet. (Imagine that being a wall.)
New rod that is twice the length of my side.
Tons of extra storage space!
Now I have a place to store all the Christmas boxes and my organizing of the Homeschool room can continue.

My parents will be here again next week.  I am trying to decide which of my many projects I can put dad to work on...

What?  You think I should actually let him take a vacation on his vacation?!  Crazy talk!!!