Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Time Warner Made Me Clean My Room (Almost)

As will inevitably occur, when one has a three day weekend, with oodles of time to do things, like blog, and read blogs, and blog some more, the internet decided to go down.  It seems it decided it deserved a vacation, just as much as the next person/artificial intelligence.  Which of course left me staring at the little blank icon at the bottom of the screen, willing it to come back on, as I futily clicked the refresh button, repeatedly.

Refresh? No.

The cable company promised to get right on it.  They would schedule us for Wednesday.  Wednesday?  It was only Sunday!  What to do for an entire 3-4 days without internet or cable?!?!?

Refresh? No.

There was only one obvious solution.  Start honing my Angry Birds skills.
I quickly learned some very important lessons regarding that game.  It's a whole lot easier to "play" when my 4 year old is the one playing.  Somehow it got a lot harder when I tried it.  Also it's slightly addicting.  People really aren't just saying that.  And I no longer feel bad for those little pigs.  DIE PIGGIES DIE!!!!!

Refresh? No.
During Angry Birds breaks (the Nook batteries don't last forever) I had to find something to do.  I was going stir crazy!  

Refresh.  No.

Obviously it started affecting my sanity, because I started to consider cleaning my room.

Have you seen my room?

No, you have not.  Now, you know I have been willing to show you messes around my house before.  Think about how bad the mess in my room must be.  Believe me you are better off not knowing.  If I showed it, you would run screaming in horror, never to return.  I try not to alienate my readers.  For the most part. ;)

Refresh? No.

The more I thought about it the more I was inspired to just go do it!

Then I went in my room and looked at the mess.


Not going to happen.  Not in a million bazillion years.

Refresh? No.

So, I meandered around some more.  I was getting seriously bored out of my mind.

Refresh? No.

That's when I walked past the kid's room.  Sigh.

I thought about how nice it would be if they could actually, you know, USE their room.  PLAY in their room. Possibly even SLEEP in their room?  Dare I even think it?
It's bad when the toys start cleaning themselves.
Refresh? No.

With the help of the peanut I started.
He was so excited.  "Mom this is boring."
I knew we were starting to make progress when he suddenly exclaimed, " Look mom!  I have a floor!! "
Yes, those are the Batman Pajamas again.

Yes, there it was.  The beautiful floor.

Now, I know there is still plenty to be done.  
Way too much stuff!

Furniture would be nice and we are working on that.  

But for now the kids have a usable room to play in.  

Even *GASP* sleep in?!  

Dance in!

I am not entirely sure why all dancing must include the lovely closeup of his booty shakin.  
I even made some money!  Who says being a SAHM doesn't pay?

Over the next couple of days I considered cleaning my room several times.  Instead I worked on the kitchen.

Organizing cabinets.  Clearing a path across the floor.  I made some progress . . .

Today.  A mere couple of hours ago.  The cable guy arrived.  He replaced the burnt out connection.

Refresh? YES!!!!