Friday, May 27, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday: Blogger, Tiny Plants & Bookclub in Amazing Technicolor

1.  People tell me all the time that I am a patient person.  I don't feel that way.  Things get on my nerves and I feel very impatient.  I think the confusion comes from the fact that I tend to be to shy and probably too lazy to actually say or do anything about the things that frustrate me.  Unless they make me really crazy.  Then, watch out.

Right now Blogger is starting to test my patience.  I haven't been able to edit any of my gadgets for almost a week now.  Can't add or change any buttons.  Can't move them around.  This is causing me problems because there are groups I want to join or links I want to add and I can't.  Making me all sad and frustrated.  I know, switch to Wordpress.  But I don't wanna!!!!  I'm stubborn too.  I love Blogger.  When it works!  I think the thing that frustrates me most is the lack of feedback from Blogger.  I understand things happen.  Glitches can't always be avoided.  At least tell me how to fix it, or that you are working on it, or are at least aware of the problem.  Something!  The closest to an answer I have gotten is to try another browser.  I use Chrome.  If Google can't make one of their products work with one of their other products then what hope do I have for it to work with anything?  Google friend connect seems to be down today also and I can't help thinking it's related.

2. The cat threw up a hairball on the floor.  It's never a good sign to hear the words "Mom there's a mess over here" from my 4 year old.  I have placed a towel over it and am not looking forward to cleaning it up.  Aren't you glad I shared that with you?

3.  Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time and always will be.  Final answer.  Scottie Pippen?  *sadly shaking my head*

4.  Yesterday at Target I had a strange impulsive urge to buy little plant kits.  I bought tomatoes, mini tomatoes, parsley and strawberries.  Mini tomatoes made the most sense to me considering the pots are so tiny.  How will the regular tomatoes ever fit in that tiny pot? ;)  I have no clue what came over me.  Perhaps I am going through plant killing withdrawal?  The idea occurred to me that it would be a good little educational project for the kids.  (Teaching them about death?!)  Maybe take my son's attention off the Woodcracker tree that still hasn't sprouted.  Not sure how a pot with seeds that probably won't sprout either will do that.  I plead temporary insanity.  The tiny little pots just looked so cute and I have a clear space on my window sill where they will fit perfectly!

Tiny Plants
Adorable Tiny Pot
 5.  When I opened the refrigerator earlier to get my kids some yogurt I noticed my chocolate chip supply is dwindling.  This qualifies as a crisis of epic proportions in my household.  Remember how in #1 I mentioned my lack of patience.  The chocolate chips help me with that.  If I am about to lose it I take a minute to eat one (or 5) and let it melt in my mouth.  Ahhh, that's better.

6.  It's my turn to host book club this month.  When I say this month I mean April/May.  I still haven't scheduled the meeting.  For some reason every time I try to decide on a date for it I get overwhelmed and panicked.  I am just convinced that I will set a date for it and then something will pop up last minute and I will have to cancel.  So I want to wait as long as possible to make sure nothing comes up or that I haven't forgotten about a previous commitment.  Then I get all depressed because I have put it off for too long and clearly I am the worst book club host in the history of book club hosts.

7.  I have decided to start doing this random thing where  I change the color of random words and make them bigger because I see it in magazines and I think it's pretty.  Don't make the mistake of thinking I actually know what I am doing.  In reality I am fully aware that I am probably just annoying my readers.  On the bright side consider the fact that I have refrained from   hi-lighting all my text and making it neon green .