Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stuff I Got: My New Kitchen Shelf

Oh yeah.  I got it!  Doing my happy dance!

Remember the shelf I wanted so badly?  And the day I told you I was working on "a project" but wasn't finished yet?

Well I can't say I am entirely finished but I am going to just tell you about it anyway.  Because I know how you have all been holding your breath waiting and I just couldn't keep you in suspense any longer.

So, the shelf I wanted was a little more than I wanted to pay.  I considered getting the four tier shelf for $70, even though I really wanted the $80 five tier shelf.  So basically I just kept wishing.
Then I went to my most favoritist store in the whole wide world, Target.

They had a shelf.  The shelf.  The exact shelf I wanted.  On SALE!  For $40!!!  Oh ya!  Not even just the four tier shelf but the entire five tiers in all their glorious tierness!!

There was one little thought that made me a bit nervous.  What if it was too big for the space?  It's not like I had been all prepared and done anything smart like, I don't know, measure the space.

$40 for the shelf was just too good a deal to pass up so I bought it.  Actually I didn't buy it.  Instead I went home and obsessed about it for a few days, went back to the store in a panic, sure that it would no longer be there, found it, and then bought it.
Brought it home where it sat in a corner for awhile because the battery on the camera had died and I had left the charger in my sister-in-laws car.  I refused to put the shelf up before I could take proper pictures.  Finally I got the camera all charged up and three days later I got up off the couch and decided to begin.

Here we are a mere three weeks later and I am ready to show it to you.

Are you ready?


I know you are!

Here it is!!!
New Shelf

Remember my "pantry" before?

And the overflow?
 I wanted to put the new shelf right where the old "appliance shelf" was.
So I moved it out.
Unfortunately the space was a little small.
No problem, I told myself.  All I have to do is move the piece of furniture next to it and I should have plenty of room.
Space on the other side of piece of furniture

The piece of furniture that had to be moved
Problem.  I couldn't just push it over.  That would have been insane with all the breakable stuff on top.
Breakable stuff
Plus it was way too heavy.

The entire thing had to be cleared off and drawers pulled out.  The whole process made quite a  mess in my kitchen .  
Bigger mess than usual.

Finally I was able to fit the shelf in.  With not an inch to spare.
No space
It was worth it!

Yes, those are paint cans.  Where else would I store them?  Don't you keep your paint in your pantry?

I still had to organize the stuff and clean up the kitchen so obviously I got right to work.  After a few weeks.  I'll let you know when it's finished . . .
Ok, I'm not that bad.  Ok, I am.  But there has been some progress.
At least one side of the kitchen is clean!
I even got some cute bins at my favoritist store.  Ya, Target.  No, this post wasn't sponsored by them.  I just really love Target.

Cute bins
My son modeling the new shelf
And remember that other thing I told you I wanted?
Oh, yeah!
Sorry, my kids devoured the fruit before I could get a better picture.  Guess where I got it?