Friday, December 21, 2012

7QT: Happy Birthday Sister!

The Peanut has been predicting snow (in DFW TX) for Christmas this year.  He is very determined. "It's going to snow on Christmas.  It is.  It is.  Because, I just know it."  There is no hopefulness in his voice.  He says it as absolute fact.  That's the faith of a child.

Unfortunately the forecast does not support his theory.
It's going to be a scorcher!

Did I mention that today is also my sister's birthday?  When I first found out that her birthday was the same day as the End of the World , I won't lie, I was a bit giddy.  Called her right away.  And like any good older sister I have taken full advantage of the opportunity to remind her.  You might say, tease her a bit.

"The world is ending on your birthday?!  What did you do??"

"We always knew you would somehow be responsible for the end of life as we knew it."

"I know you don't like getting older but isn't this a bit extreme?"

"Mom always worried you wouldn't make it past 30!"

I should probably be more cautious about teasing her so much.  My family has a real knack for picking birthdays.  My mom's birthday is 9/11.  Not kidding.

Speaking of my mother.  She is still not prepared for Zombies.  It's like she isn't even taking all this seriously or something.

I believe I have mentioned this before but I will be holding my breath tomorrow.  If I were God I would totally end the world the day after a end of the world prediction.  Right when everyone takes that sigh of relief.  "Whew, world's still he..." BAM!

Thankfully, I am not God and He doesn't have my twisted sense of humor.  Pretty sure... (About the sense of humor part.  I am confident about the not being God part.  Just wanted to be clear on that.  After all, the world might be ending tomorrow and I wouldn't want to be caught blaspheming!)

Happy Birthday Theresa.  I know you aren't really responsible for the end of all life.  But if I can't tease you about bringing on the Apocalypse then what is the advantage of being your older sister?!?!  

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