Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Pipe Gremlins Are Mocking Me

You know how when the mirror in your bathroom falls right off the wall and shatters into a million pieces, the only logical plan of action is to clean that same bathroom from top to bottom with a toothbrush?  Especially if you are Non-Domestic and avoid cleaning at all costs.
Shattered Mirror
It only makes sense right?
Yes, I was totally serious about the toothbrush.

Then while you are scrubbing baseboards with that toothbrush you happen to decide to open the cabinet under the sink.  That same cabinet that never gets opened because there is already a ridiculous amount of storage in the bathroom and the door sticks really badly so it is just a pain to open anyway.  I mean why would you want to put anything down there if it's going to be hard to get out?  Also it has a musty smell that you would rather avoid smelling.

I opened that cabinet.

Oh, that explains the musty smell.

I have to admit that recently there's been a bad smell occasionally wafting up from the sink.  It seemed to start after the city did some work on the plumbing out on the street.  I kept getting concerned but a bit baffled by the fact that all of the drains were draining well and there were no other problems other than the occasional bad smell from the sink.  You know the kind of smell that you happen to catch, but then when you try to smell it to locate it there is nothing, so you start to think you imagined it, until once again you catch a tiny whiff, just enough to start to suspect you are slowly losing your mind, and that maybe, just maybe there really are gremlins in your pipes, mocking you.
The Sink

Now I know.

I don't think there's an actual leak in the pipes though.  (Please, oh please, let there not be an actual leak in the pipes.  Pipe Gremlins, I'm talking to you!)

I suspect the water comes from this.
A split in the counter top directly behind the sink.
This suspicion also comes from the fact that after the mirror fell I made an unpleasant discovery.  Mold under the edge of the mirror where it met the counter top.  That mold also happened to be right behind where the split in the counter top appears which happens to be directly behind the sink.  Got all that?
A closer look at the split and the mold.
I of course cleaned the mold off (with that toothbrush) but it made me even more worried than I had been before, that maybe the wall behind the cabinet is all moldy.

It's something I have been worried about for awhile because of the split.  I wanted to get a new counter top before it destroyed the whole cabinet and the wall.  Not that I particularly love the cabinet but I figured with a little paint it wouldn't be quite so hideous.

Little did I know at the time, I was too late.

Then I opened the cabinet.  I had not realized there was no back to the cabinet.

So, now I know.  The cabinet is destroyed.  The particle board on the bottom is totally disintegrated.  The wall is moldy and nasty.


Then yesterday my dad called me and asked me if for vacation this year (he he vacation) I would rather take a big family trip to the beach or have him come here and fix my bathroom.  Obviously I chose the beach . . .

Ok.  Bathroom.  You know, needing to be responsible and all.  Plus the whole mold thing really freaks me out.

I even have my new sink all picked out.
KOHLER Cast Iron White Vessel Sink 2833-0
My Top Pick

Dolce Vita Vessels Self-Rimming Bathroom Sink Finish: Vapour Pink
Second Choice
Kohler Escale Lavatory Vessel Sink K-19047
I like this one too . . .
Wouldn't they look nice with a brand new Kohler Toilet?

Ha!  In my dreams.  I am actually envisioning something more along the lines of a pedestal sink because it's cheap.

Temporarily of course.

Until I hit the lottery.

Someone has been buying me tickets right?