Wednesday, June 4, 2014


This week we have a visitor at our house.

My darling daughter has gone to a birthday party that may last anywhere from 9 days to 20 days.  She really isn't sure.  

It's her friend "Flowery's" party.  

Unfortunately Flowery is allergic to all the foods being served at her own party so she is going to stay at our house.  It is a little concerning that Flowery's parents would be so thoughtless to serve foods their daughter is allergic to at her own party.  Now those same people are responsible for my daughter for "9 or 20 days."

This is Flowery.
The Princess and Flowery
Not that one.  The one in the reflection.
Flowery and the Princess look a lot alike.  But Flowery's eyes are a different color.  It must be the slightest difference because I don't even notice it.  

Also Flowery is a teenager.  A "tiny teenager."

Exactly how old?  "6 5"  I'm not quite sure how the math adds up on that.  I assume that numbers work differently in Flowery's world.

I must look a lot like Flowery's mom because sometimes she forgets and calls me mom.

The Princess first met Flowery in the bathroom mirror.

They quickly became best friends.

I had an Anne of Green Gables moment.

I see Flowery's mother in the mirror too.  She does look a lot like me but I am pretty sure she must be older.  She looks older...

Soon, Flowery started coming over for visits.  Oddly she and the Princess always seem to just miss each other.  Flowery seems to like it here though and usually stays for a bit.

I am starting to get worried about my Princess.  This is the longest she has been away from home.  I thought she might be getting homesick but Flowery assures me that the Princess has called her multiple times to tell her she is doing just fine.  I am a little jealous.  The Princess hasn't called me even once.  Does she really not miss me?

I was pretty sure she and Flowery would switch back overnight but when she woke up this morning Flowery was still here.

I am also slightly concerned I may serve something to Flowery she might be allergic to.  She seems unclear on what foods she can't eat.  I have determined that she is most definitely not allergic to Birthday Cake.  She knows that much at least.  Candy and other sweets are apparently safe as well.  As far as I can guess she must be exclusively allergic to vegetables.  Which makes me feel bad for the Princess.  She is at a 9 to 20 day birthday party where they are only serving vegetables.  She doesn't even like vegetables and that is all she will have to eat for 9 to 20 days?!

Flowery reminded me today that it is now only 8 to 20 more days.  Should I be concerned that the 20 didn't change?  Remember numbers work differently in Flowery's world.  Will I ever see my sweet Princess again?

I do hope she decides to come home early.  I miss my silly girl.