Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fear Not, I Have Returned

When I left you I had a broken a computer and all hope was lost.  Well nearly lost.

I called my Computer Guy.

Ok, I sent a detailed message to my Computer Technician.

Fine.  I sent a panicked text message to my brother complete with pictures.
He replied by explaining to me in painstaking detail over the phone how to fix my computer.

I followed his technical instructions.

Step one.  Insert CD into CD drive.


As it turns out I had to hit a function key to get the computer to load from the disc.  It would not automatically do it.


He also warned me that I should not insert the disc that would wipe out all the information on my computer.

I guess it's a good thing I didn't know about the function key...

I ran the repair.

He declined to remain on the phone for the hour it took to run.  Just can't get good service these days.  He seemed to think that his paying job was more important than his panicked sister.  Job before family.  I get it.  Just because I'm not paying him the big bucks.  He has this silly desire to eat and to live in a place with a roof.

He warned me that it might not work and we might have to try another solution.  He said not to panic if it didn't work.

It didn't work.

I panicked.

Sent him more badgering texts.  Fix my computer!!!

He walked me through the process again.  Turns out I just had to run the same repair again and it automatically tried a second solution.  Restore to an earlier date.

It worked.  Here I am in all my glory to continue my great work.

Obviously I can't actually give up my computer for Lent.  The world needs me.

Thank you lil bro for unleashing my glory back upon the world.  I know they appreciate it.

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