Thursday, December 13, 2012

Help! Save a Tree

Ya'll, I'm a notorious plant killer.  Those tiny plants I was growing.  Way back when.  Well, only one actually grew.

The Basil.

Being that it was the pretty much only thing I ever grew successfully.  I never ate any of it.

Because I didn't want to kill it.

So it grew taller.

And taller.

And taller.

And sicklier.

And sicklier.

And taller.

Until finally, while I was in the hospital having Matthew.

It died.
Possibly the world's tallest Basil plant.
Now, I have been given another plant.  And I am really really emotionally attached to this plant.
The Matthew Tree
I really don't want to kill it!

But as you can see it isn't looking to great.

It came with no instructions and I have no idea what kind of tree it is.  I am assuming it is one of those "you couldn't kill it if you tried" plants.

First I thought I was under watering it.

Now I am wondering if I am over watering it.

Or, maybe I am still under watering it?

I had it in a corner of the living room and I thought it wasn't getting enough sunlight.

So I moved it in front of the door.  Now maybe it's getting too much?

Or, maybe it's still not enough?

As you can tell, I am really over my head on this.

Everyday more and more leaves fall off.

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