Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh! Christmas Tree

Yesterday we took down the Christmas tree.

Yes, I am aware of the date.

Yes, I know when Christmas was.

Yes, I have had plenty of time to do it.

To be honest I just didn't feel like it.
Usually at some point after Christmas I will stare at that tree mocking me in the corner of the room and get agitated enough to spend the day taking it down and boxing everything up.  This year it just didn't bother me.

It did bother my husband.

He continually made remarks about it.

Those remarks brought out my stubborn knee jerk reaction.  You can't make me!  *pout*
I know very childish.

It wasn't like I actually told him that.  I just silently pouted and said I'll get to it.  Eventually . . .

He would ask me why it didn't embarrass me to have that tree still up.  Everyone else takes their trees down.  Like . . . the day after Christmas!

It embarrassed him.

I guess part of my knee jerk reaction is that I took that a little personally.
See what he is really saying there is not that the tree itself is embarrassing.  There is nothing embarrassing about a tree.
He is embarrassed by me.  The fact that I am not doing my "job."
Other people are seeing that tree and thinking "what does she do all day?  All she does is sit home with the kids doing nothing.  She can't even take down the Christmas tree?"

Obviously I could.  I just didn't.

Guess what?  It's my house!
If it bothers you that much don't come over!  *arms crossed*  Why does it bother you anyway?  Is it hurting you in some way?
As far as I am concerned, unless it gets in my way at some point and irritates me enough to take it down, it can stay there all year! *stomping foot dramatically*  That'll just make Christmas easier next year.  *deep calming breath*

I also wonder how the Christmas tree and decorations became solely my responsibility.  I have to put them up and take them down.  Help is never given or offered.  I know it is mainly because I am the one who chooses to put them up.  He just wouldn't do it at all.  This year I almost didn't.  Partly because I knew I would also have to take them down.  Then I looked at the kids and tried to imagine them opening presents on Christmas morning with no tree.  *Sigh*  So I put it all up.

Yesterday I guess my husband finally reached the limits of his tolerance.  He started taking the tree down himself.  I decided to help.

What did I learn from this experience?

It is a much easier job with two people!!!  I don't have to climb a chair and start to unwrap a string of lights . . . throw them around the tree as far can reach . . . climb down . . . move the chair . . . repeat.  Then do the same to remove the branches.  My husband can actually reach up to the top without the chair.  It was amazing.

Maybe next year (if I decide to put the tree up at all) I should actually ask for help?!