Monday, November 3, 2014

The World's Easiest Scrapbook - 2 Easy Steps

Having completed 31 days of de-hoarding, I am feeling overly qualified to dispense organizational advice.

You're welcome!

When the Peanut was a baby, I used to scrapbook.  During his naps I would pull out all the papers, stickers, embelishments, inks, chalks, pictures, etc.  I always had quite the scattered mess lying around and have quite a few half finished scrapbooks to show for my efforts.

As he grew and naps became less frequent, I had less time to work on these scrapbooks.  So, all the materials got packed away for "someday" when I have time again to complete the project.

In the meantime though I have kept all those little mementos through the years that should go in a scrapbook.  The problem is that they usually end up in some box or drawer somewhere, with no context to give a clue what or when they come from.

What to do with them?

It took way too long for the realization to hit me that a scrapbook doesn't have to be a Pinterest perfect project to be worth keeping.

Organizing and keeping those mementos doesn't have to be some sort of arduous task!

And so I created the World's Easiest Scrapbook for myself.


One plain binder.

Sheet protector pages.


Field Trip to the Perot Museum

Ready for the steps?

How to Make the World's Easiest Scrapbook in 2 Easy Steps

Step 1:  Put sheet protectors in a binder.
Step 2:  Put mementos in the sheet protectors.

That's it.  I just stuck the sheet protector pages in a binder, and throughout the year I add all my little mementos to a page.

How easy is that??!!

The Edel Gathering

Not very fancy is it?

My Nephew's High School Graduation

That's ok.  I can still go back "someday" and create a fancy scrapbook using those mementos.  It will just be easier because I will have them grouped together and in order.  Kind of like my own personal scrapbook making kit.

The Princess's First Haircut

I plan on keeping one binder per year.  I also want to print out any related pictures and add them in with the mementos.  I can even write out a little index card note with related information.

Kid's First Trip to Six Flags

At some point I will find or make a printable to put as the cover of the binder and will mark the spine with the year.

I also want to make a separate binder to put all our Christmas cards in.  Each year I will add that year's card.  The cards we receive each year will go in that year's binder but I want to be able to look through our cards year by year in one book.

For now I just stick the stuff in the book.

I know this isn't exactly an entirely new concept and most of you are probably wondering why it took me so long to figure this out.  I don't know.  I have a way of making things way more complicated than they need to be and then just not doing them because I have built them up to be colossal tasks in my head.

Simple is key!

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