Monday, February 11, 2013

My House is Messy, but...

Is it actually the messiest house on the internet??

Well, it's high time we found out.

Now, I don't normally win contests.

My house isn't quite messy enough for Hoarders.

But it will never be clean (or beautifully decorated) enough to be in Better Homes and Gardens.

And I ain't winning any fashion awards for some strange reason.

But surely, if ever there were something I was in fact qualified for, it would be this.

Because folks, out of hundreds of houses, mine was one of 32 houses nominated for the Messiest House on the Internet Award over at My Life and Kids.

It's an honor to be nominated.  Really.

If ever I was qualified to win an award for anything, this, this certainly is it.

Seriously ya'll, if I can't win this one... well then I just can't win.

Now, you know I have no shame.  You have seen my poopvomit story after all.  So, I am just going to go ahead and ask you to head on over to My Life and Kids to vote for ME!

In case you are wondering what I would do with an amazing new Oreck vacuum when you already know I have a new vacuum...

I have a two story house.  It's all carpet except the bathrooms and kitchen.  The vacuum I have is a bit heavy to walk up and down the stairs.  The cat litter box is upstairs and those little granules get tracked everywhere.

Oh yes, the upstairs is just as messy as the downstairs.

Also, in case you needed the reminder of how messy my house really is.  Or you are under the false assumption that I have managed to clean it all from top to bottom (no idea where on earth you would get that idea) and no longer qualify as messiest house.  I thought I would close with a picture of the top of our entertainment center.
Where's the Alien?
It's been messy since we moved in.  Unless you count the time our living room flooded and we had to move all the furniture out.  It went right back afterwards.  And I am a bit unsure of how to even tackle that craziness.  So, I just leave it to my husband.  Which means it just stays.

And I remind myself to be happy for DVD's out of reach of the Princess.  Who loves to scatter movies and games across the floor of the living room.  Creating a sort of hopscotch game.  When a DVD gets crushed, you lose.
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