Wednesday, June 13, 2012

OTI: How to (not) be Fashionable

The #1 search term leading visitors to my blog is "how to dress like a mom."  Everyday women all over the world look to me for fashion advice.  As you can imagine I don't consider myself fashionable in the least.

Imagine my surprise when I read this post by Cari @ Clan Donaldson.  She is participating in a fashion linkup and the inspiration is this picture.
Wait!  I own this outfit!!!  I wear it all the time!  More or less.  Are you telling me I can be fashionable?  Well I certainly have to try.

Let's start with the skirt.  Long neon colored knit skirt.  Check!
Now for the t-shirt.  So many to choose from.

Do I go with Star Wars?

Too cartoony.

Purple Batman?
This one has an added bonus of matching the blue in the skirt perfectly.  In fact it is a usual favorite of mine to wear together.
Too bright?

Too blue.

Finally I found the perfect option.

Pac-man it is!

I decided this was the best option because it was a bit longer, a thinner knit and more close fitting.  Just like the inspiration shirt.

Jean jacket?
Check!  Two sizes too small...

The only "fashionable" pair I own.


Necklace is a roundish glass looking pendant.
It wasn't long enough so I attached two chains together to make it longer.

Bracelet is a thin leather strap.
Thin pleather, spray painted gold, strap.  Sure.

This leaves the purse.  Here I am somewhat at a loss.  I don't really have anything similar.
The closest thing is probably my regular everyday purse but it is a cross body style.
I settled with a similarly colored tote bag.
I know what you are thinking.  I've left out the most important part.  The sunglasses bring the whole look together.  Right?

Problem is I don't wear sunglasses.  I can't wear any kind of glasses because they give me a huge headache. Can't have anything touching my nose.

But on closer inspection I have something even better.

They aren't the same color but are the exact perfect shape!
Novelty Harry Potter 3D glasses.  Check!

I think I totally nailed it.
Jacket, necklace, skirt: New York & Co.
T-shirt: Walmart
Shoes, bracelet: Avenue
Tote: gift from sister
Glasses: AMC Theatres
Now if that isn't fashionable, I don't know what is!

My daughter was so impressed she decided to mimic me.
Note the one foot foward pose.
She totally came up with that outfit all on her own.  I think I have a little protege on my hands.

In all seriousness though, this is what I actually wore out in public today.
Ok, I actually wore these shoes.
On my way to my 20 week sonogram!

If you want to see some actually fashionable folks, check out  Kayla  and  Erica  and  Grace.