Friday, November 30, 2012

7QT: The "To Do" List

Remember "Once Upon a Time" when I used to write funny posts?

Right.  Neither do I.

You are probably hoping I am about to write a funny post.  Sorry.

Instead it's going to be another one of my boring "my house is a mess and I don't want to clean it" posts.

Because that's what I do when I am looking for something to do other than the things I am supposed to do.

Today I bring you a list of 7 things I need to do today.  Exciting right?  You are totally on the edge of your seats.

1.  Clean the house.

Big surprise there.

Tomorrow is December 1st.  And I am under the deluded fantasy that I will somehow clear out an area big enough to put a Christmas tree up.

This is the corner we put the tree in every year.
But now I have a desk.  And a sewing machine table.  In that corner.  Yup, they're there.  Under all the clutter.

2.  Christmas cards arrived today.
Wouldn't it be awesome if I could get them all addressed today so I could get a December 1st postmark on them?  This is a record for me.  Usually I am remembering to order them the week before Christmas or so.  You know just in time to get them postmarked the last day of Christmas season.  After actual Christmas Day.  Yes, I cheat like that.  Or sometimes I just hand them out to local family and tell myself I will do better next year.

Why doesn't November have 31 days?!  Or maybe 42...

3.  Speaking of mailing cards out, I still need to get those thank you cards written and sent out.

And I probably need to order more because there aren't nearly enough.  Somehow I have to express in words what words can not express.  How do you even go about thanking someone for a miracle?

4.  This is the other corner I was thinking of putting the tree in this year.
We have still not called the plumber about the apparent new slab leak that is flooding the kids room.  When we do I am sure they will need to dig up their floor so at some point we will need to take everything out of the kids room again and find a place to put all of it.  It kind of seems like a cruel joke to make the kids take all of their toys to their room, knowing we will have to bring it all back out.  I haven't even gotten all the stuff put back in their room after last time.  It's all just shoved into this corner.

I also have not scrubbed the mud off the ceiling of the bathroom.

5.  Another brilliant option for tree placement.
Moving the dining room table.  I can pull the leaves out and then fold down the sides.  Then I can put the tree right in front of the door.  I really think this is my best option.  Of course in order to do this I first need to clean off the table.

6.  Which means moving Matthew's collection of memory boxes off the table and into my bedroom closet.

To this shelf.
After I clean it off.

7.  Did I ever show you a picture of my clean sink?

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