Friday, May 11, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday: Tiaras, Chalk Teeth & Freezers


--- 1 --- 
The Peanut has been pampering me today.  I'm not sure where he got the idea.  Perhaps all the Mother's Day commercials?  He started off by doing my hair.  He pretty much used all his sister's hair dealies.  
Don't be jealous.  We can't all be this beautiful!
There have been frequent fixes because it keeps coming untwisted.
That pink thing on top is a tiara.
Possibly he was just tired of my hair looking like this

--- 2 --- 
Later he gave me a back massage.  Not even sure where he ever even heard of back massages.  He had to ask me how to do it.  It pretty much consisted of him softly rubbing my back.  I will be sure to encourage this type of behavior!

--- 3 --- 
In case you ever wondered how fast a baby grows in Utero.
10 weeks

15 weeks
--- 4 --- 
Earlier today the Princess fell and sustained her daily injury to the mouth.  This is a very common occurrence for the girl who is not supposed to have any mouth injuries.  She has caps on her front teeth because she has, what a friend of mine calls, chalk teeth.  The dentist said they were "like butter."  So, if she hits her teeth we are supposed to take her straight into the dentist to have them checked.  Because if she injures the tooth underneath the caps we would not be able to see it.  So far, I have only actually taken her in once.  She was kneeling in a metal folding chair and slipped, slamming her teeth directly into the top of the chair.  That was less than a week after the caps had been put on.  Queen of mouth injuries, that girl is.  Now, I just check her gums for swelling, redness or any bleeding.  A daily trip to the dentist seems like it would be a bit excessive.

--- 5 --- 
Right at the exact moment that the Princess injured herself and came to me screaming, the Peanut decided he wanted a banana.  He wanted it so badly, at that exact moment, that he felt it necessary to scream over her screams of pain.  "I hurt my teeth!"  "I WANT A BANANA!!"  "NOT RIGHT NOW I'M TRYING TO LOOK AT YOUR SISTER'S TEETH!!!

It was at this exact moment that the UPS man chose to ring the doorbell and leave a package.  Which also prompted the dog to bark even louder than all the chaos already ensuing.  I know they usually drop the package and run, but I kind of think he ran away a little faster today than he usually does.

It's probably a good thing he ran away.  Not sure what kind of impression I would have made with my beautiful tiara.

--- 6 --- 
I have decided I absolutely NEED a freezer.  A small chest freezer will do.  The freezer side of my refrigerator is entirely too small to store anything in.  Unfortunately, it was the biggest one that would fit in the fridge opening in our kitchen.  If I could just buy more frozen foods and maybe even do the whole make ahead and freeze, I think we would eat out a lot less and so save money.  All those times when I realize at 4pm that I forgot to thaw the meat for dinner, or at 2pm that I didn't get dinner in the crock-pot at 11am, or (let's be entirely honest) am too lazy to cook that day, would be saved by a frozen pizza rather than delivery.  Not that anything like that scenario occurs on a frequent basis in this house...

--- 7 --- 
Today's Quick Takes are being hosted by Hallie @ Betty Beguiles.  I'm totally counting that as #7 because the Princess is currently "stuck" in the vacuum cleaner and the Peanut is loudly requesting Strawberries.
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