Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just Like Mama

A few weeks ago my son made a little story on his Leap Pad.  It was a story all about his sister.  When he finished it he took it over to my husband.  They started watching it together.  From where I was sitting, I could hear it but not see it.

When the story got to the section that said, "When I grow up I want to be" my son had recorded, "She wants to be just like Mama."  Awe.  How sweet.  Even though I know she didn't make the story, it was still sweet of him to think that.

My husband started laughing hysterically.

I was clearly missing something.  Or, maybe he was just laughing at the cute sweetness of it all?

"Show this to your mom!"

My son brought it over and replayed it.  When it got to the section announcing her desire to be like mom, I saw the drawing that accompanied that thought.

In case you are wondering, I am the one on the left.  With the serious case of bedhead, the frown and probably still in my pajamas.  The floating head at top is "Dada with a shocked look on his face."

I'd say he got me down pretty good.  Though hopefully I don't frown that much.  At least I'm not yelling...

Yesterday my daughter walked over to my boots.
They were sitting right in the middle of the floor where "someone," who with remain unnamed to protect my that person's innocence, had cast them off and not bothered to put them away.

She sat down on the floor and started to put them on.  As is common for little girls (and probably all young children for that matter) she has frequently put on a pair of my heels and proudly pranced around declaring herself "so pretty."

This time as she rolled around on the floor, struggling to pull on the unwieldy boots, she declared happily, "I wanna be just wike you, Mama!"
Which you know melted my heart.

She was putting on my boots not because they were pretty.  I'll be honest, they were really dusty at the time.  Hardly the prettiest choice.  No, she wanted to wear my boots because she really truly wants to be just like me!
Well, she has the bedhead and pajamas down.  Now she just needs to work on that facial expression!