Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Two Day Plan

It was Thursday.

My mom-in-law was coming out on Saturday to celebrate her birthday.

This gave me two full days to paint the homeschool room and clean up the mess.

Thursday to paint.

Friday to clean.

Fool proof plan.

So, I pulled all the furniture away from the walls, pulled out my painting supplies and got started.

 I started with primer.
 Giving the walls a nice, consistent, even coat.
 With several breaks to kiss owies, serve emergency (I'm starving) snacks, and take the princess to the potty.
 As you can see, I consider it of utmost importance, to keep the primer coat from looking sp lo tc hy .

 At this point, I received a call from my husband, informing me he was on his way home from work.

5:00 already!?

That's ok.  I have all evening to finish painting and then all day tomorrow to clean up.

Him:  "Did you take the trash out this morning?"  (I had forgotten to take the trash out on Tuesday)

Me:  "No, today isn't trash day."

Him:  "You're kidding right?  Today is trash day."

Me:  (laughing to myself and speaking in an ever so slightly condescending voice) "No, honey.  Trash day is Friday not Thursday.  Sometimes I get confused too."

Him:  "What day do you think it is?"

Me:  "It's Thursday."

Him:  "It's Friday."

Me:  "No, it can't be Friday because you didn't do your podcast last night."

Him:  "It was cancelled this week.  Today is Friday."

Me:  "Please tell me you are kidding!"

Him:  "Nope."

I then turned around and took one look at my house.

Which looked exactly like this at that exact moment.
 And I realized I had to get ready to go meet a friend for dinner.

And that my mother-in-law was coming over the next afternoon!

On Saturday morning I woke up early, painted the walls, cleaned the house, and put all the furniture back in it's proper place before my mother-in-law arrived.  Which just shows the amazing feats I can accomplish when I put my mind to it.

See how well procrastination pays off?!
Done in the nick of time!

It took me a long time and a ton of samples to pick out the perfect green for this room.  Haven by Sherwin Williams was the winner.

With the intention of moving another piece of furniture to.

I moved it from this abyss.
To my personal cozy corner.

 It was a perfect fit.
 And now I have no more excuses for not using my sewing machine to make all those projects I have been planning.
I'll probably start those on Thursday!