Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where Have I Been???!!!!

Hello everyone!!  I have missed you!

Have ya'll been wondering if a black hole spontaneously formed over my computer and sucked me away into oblivion?  Worry not.  I have returned.

Now, truly there is only one thing that could keep me off the internet/Facebook/Twitter/Google/Pinterest for two plus weeks.

That's right.

Time Warner Cable.

Oh, yes Time Warner.  I am giving you the stink eye.  You, meanie head, you.


Even as I type this I still have no house phone.


Two weeks without internet, without phone, WITHOUT NETFLIX!!!

Then of course Time Warner got right on it and promised to send someone out last Wednesday morning.  Thursday afternoon when the guy showed up he scratched his head and shrugged his shoulders and promised to send someone else out on Saturday.  Yesterday when my husband called they said, "um it should work."  Yesterday when I called they said, "oh we fixed it but had to change the frequency so you have to reset your router."  When I asked how I do that they said, "oh you can't.  We do it."  Then they pressed their magic button and reset.  Now don't ask the obvious question.  If they knew they had changed the frequency and that would require a reset and they are the only ones who can reset and it only requires half a second and a magic button press . . . WHY DIDN'T THEY RESET IT ALREADY????!!!!  Why didn't they press their magic button when my husband called????

So, internet works.  Phone doesn't.  They scratched their heads and said "well, it should be working.  It tests and says it's working.  Must be a bad cord on your phone.  Oh, and on the other phone you tested.  And on that one too . . . all three must have gone bad at the exact same moment that the phone and internet went down.   Um, we will send someone out on Wednesday.  Make sure you answer the phone or we will cancel the appointment."

Then they threw a couple of credits at us.   Here's the thing though.  If I wanted credits and no phone . . . I WOULDN'T HAVE SIGNED UP FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!!!!!

Ok, sorry about the rant.  It feels good to get that off my chest!  I have been really refraining from going off on some poor phone rep, who really has no control, and just gets to be on the receiving end of my frustration.  I know.  I have done that job and it truly sucks.  Especially when you agree with the screaming customer but still have to recite the company policy.  Yeah.

Other fun things.  I have something exciting to show you but you will have to stay tuned.  It's exciting for me anyway.  ;)

Also, during my internet outage I was featured on the Mom Pledge.  Check it out!!!