Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ten Things I Would Rather Do Before Housework

Right now I have a huge pile of dishes in the sink waiting for me.  There are several baskets of laundry screaming for my attention.  Toys are scattered across the floor.  I really should make a dent in clearing off the dining room table.  So, I am going to do the only logical thing I can think of and tell you about ten things I would rather be doing.  The dishes can wait . . .

1.  Stare at the wall.  Yes, I would rather stare at a blank wall . . . for hours . . . than fold the laundry.

2. Watch toddler cartoons and sing along.  "Clean it up, clean it up.  Pick up your toys now." . . . wait . . .

3. Make lunch.  Something simple of course.  Like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Let me just get a knife to spread the peanut butter.  Why are there no clean knives?  Doesn't anyone do dishes around here?!

4. Do an arts and crafts project with the kids.  If only I had a clear space on the table . . .

5. Paint my dining room.  First I will need to move all the furniture away from the walls.  I should probably clean it off before I move it . . .

6. Read a book.  Hmm, I think I need to charge my Nook.  Where did that charger get to?  Probably somewhere under this stack of papers on the table.  Sure would be nice if the table wasn't such a mess!

7. Play dress up with my daughter.  Why are there no clean clothes to play with?!

8. Go for a walk.  Would require getting dressed.  Same problem as #7.

9. Play action figures with my son.  Where did all his action figures get to?  Must be in this mess somewhere.  This would be easier if they were all together in a box or something.

10. Write a list of things I would rather do than housework. ;)

11. Exercise!  Oh wait . . . that was eleven.  Totally doesn't count!!

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