Tuesday, June 3, 2014

On a Happier Note

The kids decided on Friday morning that they were just ready to be done with schoolwork once and for all so they powered through the last several pages.

That's right.

"School's out for summer.  School's out forever."

Oh not forever?

Ok, summer at least.

Yes, we do summer.  People ask me all the time if we keep doing school all year or if we take summer off.

Here's the thing.  The kids would probably be ok with doing school year round.  They would probably forget less things.  If I could get my act together and be more organized then we would probably benefit from more frequent scheduled breaks.

But because I am not that organized, we just take breaks as needed.

And I take summer off.  Mostly.

Because I need the break!

We will probably do a little summer reading stuff and maybe sprinkle a little science and history in.  You know, the fun stuff.

The Princess has already been asking me when we will be getting her new Phonics and Math book.  She complains about having to do them and a few days after she finishes everything she is ready to get started on next years work!

And now, because it's totally the thing now to take beginning and end of school year pics, I will share ours with you.

First Day of School
Last-ish Day of School