Monday, April 7, 2014

No Housework Day 2014

That's right folks. The day you have been anxiously awaiting all year has FINALLY arrived!!!

Come on now.  Don't even try to pretend it's just me.

I know the rest of you are breathing that collective sigh of relief.

Today is the day.

Stop what you are doing.  Don't even think about the laundry or the dishes and let the kids clean up their own messes for once.

Ok, even I can't keep a straight face saying that one.

So, we will have a little extra work tomorrow.

It's worth it!!!

Because today.

Oh yes today.

No Housework Day!
Or as my husband would say. "Isn't that the same as every other day?"

He totally appreciates all my hard work around here.

Now, step away from the housework and join our party!

Check out the No Housework Day tab at the top of my page for further details.


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